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Thread: Comebacks: Ando, Kim, Plushenko, Weir, etc.

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    This news does not surprise me. I got the impression from the articles I read about Miki that she was
    not keen on returning to competition and that she was happy being a show skater. Reading between the lines to me it
    sounded like a forced situation. JMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by golden411 View Post
    "Miki Ando out of GP series" -- according to a new FSU thread started by "MINAM".
    It's confirmed: It's sad, because it's not her fault, it's just because she didn't find the right coach... But, seriously, is THIS difficult to find a good coach, there is plenty of them! It looks like Mirai has the real opportunity of winning a medal in China...

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    I don't understand why she would come back anyways...She has two world titles and was a little lucky on the last one. So many good Japanese skaters so she is not guaranteed even going to world's. JSF doens't need Ando only Toyota may want her to compete. She left perfectly - 2 yrs before next Olympics - so no regrets no just one more year to go. She should leave and enjoy life; besides I am not sure she was that great ofa competitor and to get a couple of world titles - take your blessings and run

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