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Thread: Skate Milwaukee (July 11-15)

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    Skate Milwaukee (July 11-15)

    Senior Ladies:
    Haussman, Maggie
    Sivak, Dana
    Leng, Deedee (former Junior National Champ)
    Gold, Carley
    Gold, Gracie
    Moon, Emily
    Ridley, Chelsea
    Brakke, Shannon
    Smecko, Kaitlyn
    Verhulst, Lexi
    Baga, Kiri
    Helggeson, Joshi (SWE)
    Helggeson, Victoria (SWE)

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    mskater93, will you be attending this competition?

    Club's event page:
    Alexander Lakernik of Russia is returning to Skate Milwaukee for a "one-hour seminar [that] will give a clearer understanding of the new rules used in Singles and Pairs figure skating, along with a projection of what will be coming next."

    This will be Gracie Gold's season debut. Alex Ouriashev will coach 4 Senior ladies there - Gracie, her twin Carly, Lexis Verhulst, and 2009 U.S. Junior champ DeeDee Leng, who last competed in 2009 (JGP in Lake Placid) and then withdrew from the rest of that season due to a back injury. Leng is 18 now and listed as representing "Robert Morris University-IL" instead of a club. It appears that Cindy Caprel is Kiri Baga's singles coach in Chicago (where she currently is training pairs with Taylor Toth). The Helgesson sisters from Sweden competed in the SP event at last year's Skate Milwaukee.
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    I REALLY wish I could, but can't for a number of reasons.
    1) I work (I have to pay my own ice bill and coaching).
    2) I have dog agility trial that weekend which runs over the Senior Ladies FS time.
    I WILL hear all about it, though, around our rink during and after.

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    Gracie Gold's blog post about her "Rippon triple lutz" at Skate Milwaukee, etc.

    [I had posted this in the "Who will rise" thread in The Edge, but will delete it there (where assorted differences of opinion unrelated to Grace are dominating the discussion).]

    IN has Gracie Gold's new blog post:
    "Gold: Skate Milwaukee kicks off 'special' year
    U.S. junior champion lands 'Rippon Lutz,' feels she and sister 'have arrived!'"

    "I will debut my free skate at Skate Detroit," says Gracie.

    Nice that she is so proud of Carly, too!

    And in case anyone missed the tweets of excitement that Rippon and Gracie had exchanged right after her big success:

    Adam Rippon ‏@Adaripp
    @GraceEGold ‪#GracieRippon‬ ‪#GoldStandard
    5:55 PM - 15 Jul 12

    Gracie Gold ‏@GraceEGold
    @Adaripp Hahaha I like all of the hash tags ‪#GofortheGold
    7:09 PM - 15 Jul 12

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