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Thread: 2012 U.S. competitions general news/updates (includes smaller club comps)

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    2012 U.S. competitions general news/updates (includes smaller club comps)

    News from the Hidden Valley Open in Escondido, CA last night (re-posted from FSU):
    Quote Originally Posted by used2skate View Post
    Vanessa Lam 57.67 new SP to Soundtrack from the Gadfly
    Caroline Zhang 52.54 last years SP
    Thank you!

    A friend who was there last night sent me this mini-report (she wasn't sure about which triples Lam did):

    "Vanessa did a triple ?/loop combo. Great double axel, held the landing. I think her solo jump was triple flip (or toe)? Very deep edging in her footwork sequence, very stretched Biellmann.

    Caroline landed a triple loop and a triple flip/double toe. She did a gorgeous spread eagle into Ian Bauer into a double axel. Of course her spins were amazing, though she didn't do the Pearl."

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarrett View Post
    Both Lam and Zhang skated well. Lam's solo jump was a flip (I believe) and she did a triple lutz/double loop combo which was great. The video on my camera is not working for Lam. Zhang's SP is available at
    Thanks, Jarrett!

    Hearsay update from Hidden Valley Open: Vanessa Lam 114.63 FS & Caroline Zhang 97.33 (debut of new FS to Turandot, choreographed by David Wilson). IF video links become available (not sure yet) they will be posted here.

    ETA #2: Thanks to Jarrett for Zhang's FS video:

    Here's Vanessa Lam's debut of her Senior FS to music from the film soundtrack of The Artist, choreographed by her coach, Dianne DeLeeuw-Chapman:

    ETA #3: Scroll down this PDF document for the Hidden Valley Open IJS official results/total scores:
    These TES/PCS scores were passed along to me:
    Vanessa Lam scored 57.67 in her SP [32.27 TES/25.40 PCS] & 114.63 in her FS [61.57 TES/53.06 PCS].
    Caroline Zhang scored 52.54 in her SP [26.60 TES/25.94 PCS] & 97.33 in her FS [52.00 TES/47.33 PCS, -2].

    Christopher Caluza (PHI) skated a Senior Men's SP at HVO (he's based in the San Diego area).
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    Doug Mattis ‏( @DougMattis ) was tweeting from the Los Angeles Open earlier today - Marley/Brubaker debuted a new Senior Pairs SP and the Junior Men's SP event featured a competitive field, including Nathan Chen's season debut. I've compiled Mattis' tweeted info to date here:
    Senior Men's SP (includes Richard Dornbush, Grant Hochstein, Philip Warren, Sean Rabbitt) and Senior Ladies SP (includes Courtney Hicks) are coming up later tonight.

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    Glad to hear about Chen's 3axel. I only wish Doug had included the music. I don't think we know what it is, yet. Also glad to hear Marley/Brubaker are looking good.

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