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Unfortunately, however, I'll never understand why Nancy Lanza kept a gun collection, even locked and hidden, in a house where a clearly disturbed individual was also residing--especially after she expressed worries about his mental state of being. It could be argued that in young males (ages 10-25), a fascination with guns and other weapons is expected--healthy, even, because it demonstrates a testosterone level in correlation with pre- and post-puberty. It wasn't so long ago that my own companions of the XY-chromosomal persuasion were enthusing about upcoming hunting trips and going weapon-shopping with their fathers. But Mrs. Lanza may have unknowingly contributed to her son's actions by keeping high-power firearms on hand and teaching her children how to shoot (it's my understanding that, in Connecticut, Adam was not yet of the legal age to purchase a gun), and for that, her name will tragically be associated with this carnage forever.

Like those before me, then, I leave you with several questions to consider: In the case that gun control laws are passed, do you think that enforcement would prove effective, or are people determined to latch onto their familiar notions of protection? Could a gun on one of the adults at Sandy Hook realistically have stopped the shooter from taking so many innocent lives? And do you think that, following the vilification of Nancy Lanza by the media, parents will cease to provide weapons training for their children?
From what I read Nancy Lanza was an avid gun collector, and she was concerned about her son's mental health. He had a form of autism. So far we have not heard whether her worries included her son wanting to kill others. Mental illness covers a very wide range. I feel fairly certain that many gun owners feel it is safe for them to store guns at home, that nothing can go wrong (until it does- an accident or a theft of the weapon by the wrong person, like in this case). She did contribute to the tragedy, including her own death, but it is quite possible that she did not see her son as a potential killer. I am giving her the benefit of doubt until further details emerge.

About enforcing the gun control laws (if they get passed)- nobody said it would be easy. Enforcement is rarely 100% but it is still better than 0% enforcement (meaning no gun control laws). It will take time, training and efforts to implement it, and even a small success is progress when you compare it with what's going on right now. It is hard to predict whether an adult carrying a gun at Sandy Hook could have prevented the loss of so many lives. We are talking of possibly a single shot gun vs an assault rifle that was military grade. I don't think that would work. IMO the more important thing is to not encourage people to buy even more guns because of gun violence. The real need is to get away from violence, and not let it increase exponentially (IMHO it already has).