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Thread: Thanks Gs mods for new section

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    Thanks Gs mods for new section

    I really want to see the gymnastics, especially the team event, and also some of Phelps swims, and especially the equestrian events-the show jumping most especially as it is such an amazingly unique blend of man and beast-athletes together-no other sport like this. I hope people post times as I have a lot to distract me, so I forget. London will be looking so splendid. I hope they have an interesting opening the games. How I envy all those Londoners and visiters who can visit. Tally ho!

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    I echo your thanks, Skateluvr. It's great of our skating specialist mods to indulge us this way, and I know it's going to be heaps more fun to watch the Olympics with such knowledgeable companions!

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