I also felt bad for the Ukrainians. First happy bronze medalists and suddenly 4th place. Great Britain at least got a bronze instead of the silver.Their first medal in gymnastics team since Stockholm 1912! Japan got silver after their protest. I see Serious Business has done a thorough analyze. Thanks.

I watched the last ladies' qualifications division on Sunday. The Japanese girls were great. High spirits, looking happy right through the comp. Qualified for the final in their first olympics as a team. (no sleep for the Japanese fans tonight either )

I' not a gymnastics buff, but I remember a few big names. I root for Ponor, is she in any final? I think I saw her not doing so well? Britains Elisabeth Tweddle is also a favorite.

Womens' Team ccmpetition today:
Great Britain

Seniorita… AA, UB, HB …..you are not on a gymnastics forum now