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Ponor qualified to the beam finals with the eighth highest score in preliminaries. She also qualified to the floor final.
fabulous, how old is she? I hope we get to see her. She moves beautifully and as Olympia said she was steady as a rock, and fast, too on Beam. She must have a great FX. I am rooting for gabby tho Ally is from my state, and she has been a great team captain. Jordyn seems to have gotten her mojo back. I hope she is relaxed for her FX routine. Is she qualified for any other event? She is a great girl. I hope Nastia is there pushing the girls on.

HERE IS A QUESTION... McKayla's vault was huge and perfect. she looked like an air missile. What did they deduct on? That was as perfect/difficult a vault as anyone ever saw acc or commentary, and she is a phenom. I forget the name of the vault, Amanar? but only she and another US girl I think do it. Please correct me if I missed the correct facts. I was kind of going from bed to LR, having lost the feed near the end.

Serious Business deserves a gold for helping us find leads and facts in the gymnatics thread. I too despised Khorhina in her snooty days, but ya know, she was tall, and did great things. It is wonderful to have tall women who can do this sport as we see so many 4foot 9 inch babies. But as time goes by one misses the primma donnas of the sport. Spitz was male version. Lochte was talking but hasn't lived up. It is just fun when we have the russian divas and divos. I can't imagine rudssian gymnastics without Olga Korbut (no diva but amazing) or the great khorhina. I can't imagine FS without Plush, Artur Dimitriev, Irina, Maria. It is such a cultural thing. They put the color is the sport.

SO who???? is everyone's best guess of the girl who wins the all around? Who are you rooting for? I'm for Gabby as her mother must be in debt and she had to leave home. Such sacrifice in this family. They captured my heart. I hope if she wins she will get some endorsements. It does not seem like Olympic heros are getting their due. I am hoping they will market Gabby to black community who will support her. In skating or gymnastics, she is rare as a girl of color. I think it might ignite some dreams in a community that is doing poorly despite the current president.

Well, we have to wait for thursday for coverage. It will be hard not to read the spoilers.