Some news articles on the recent gymnastics going-ons, with a focus on the women, because I'm just not finding much in the English-speaking media about Kohei Uchimura and the other male gymnasts who made a mark:

An interview with Komova and Mustafina after the individual all around:

Komova may have shed many tears over not winning gold, but she puts it in perspective, "I am proud about what I've done today, but nevertheless I am a little disappointed because I wanted to gain the gold medal."

Mustafina, who seemed ecstatic after winning bronze, confirmed those feelings, "I'm totally happy with my performance today, with the exception of beam."

Both Russian gymnasts congratulated Douglas and said she deserved her win: Komova said, " I believe that she earned her gold medal. She was very, very good tonight." Echoed Mustafina: "I absolutely agree with Viktoria. She was fantastic. She didn't make a single mistake. She became the leading athlete from the very beginning."

This article points out that instead of focusing whether Mustafina violently slapped her coach's consoling hand away (in reality she might have shrugged off his pat, if even that), NBC commentators could've instead told viewers that Mustafina is a Muslim (is she? Can't find confirmation for sure anywhere) and a member of the Tatar minority in Russia. Her bronze win here (and her World Championship win a few years back) in the all-around are both historic and groundbreaking for those reasons. She would be the first Muslim and Tatar to achieve any one of those things.

In case you haven't heard, Gabby Douglas is a cornflake girl! She'll appear on the cover of Kellogg's Cornflakes to commemorate her Olympic all-around win. She may yet appear on other cereal boxes with her golden teammates.

In other endorsement news, Gabby Douglas just got a very special and personal tribute from Beyoncé on Beyoncé's official website. The singing superstar says Douglas is "inspiring".