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Here is Dominique Dawes interviewing Olga.


Some interesting thoughts from Olga and she does mention the "squirrel" as her favorite from the London games.
A few other interesting views about changes in the scoring system and the equipment.

Thinking back, as much as I loved Olga's floor routines I didn't realize the floor had no spring back then.

I did not make a list of favorite Olympians (I have too many) but if I did Olga would be right up at the top.
Thanks, Janetfan. What a wonderful interview. Both ladies, Korbut and Dawes, come off well in it. I loved when Olga explained the difference in the scoring system back then. I agree that Korbut would go on my list of favorite Olympians. More so than Nadia, even, because of her wonderful personality. I also had a special affection for her floor routine. Nadia was more aloof and businesslike and didn't project personality as well as Olga.

I do remember some comment in 1984, when Mary Lou was performing, about the floor being sprung at that point, so I assume that this was when the new floors were instituted.