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I do not mean to be negative, it's just a very very hard jump to do and it's normal to be scared and struggle with it. I think most people do.
I have to say, that I personally disagree with this. Axel is quite a simple jump, you just need to understand the basic movements required to do it. You need to make sure that you are jumping on the circle you have created going into it. Imagine a large circle, you are gliding on the RBO before you step forward, when you step forward you should not be stepping inside or outside of the circle, but rather on the same arc going into it. A good way to see if you are making this mistake is to glide on the RBO, step to the LFO like you are going to jump, but just glide. You can note your direction and see if you are stepping in the correct line. Let me know if this doesn't make sense, I can draw out a little diagram. Another huge thing is to make sure that you aren't killing the ice with your toepick right before you step; this can throw your weight off SO much, thus making it hard to rotate.

A lot of people are saying to do Waltz jumps to get used to the feeling; I personally am terrified of them... For me, it feels like jumping off a cliff, where my axel has a lot more 'up" motion. Maybe this is just me.