The Summer Games have ice skaters dreaming of becoming future Olympians -- and past Olympians offering their encouragement .

Alex Shibutani ‏@AlexShibutani
Up early in Osaka watching the Opening Ceremonies. I hope @MaiaShibutani and I can experience it one day.
1:37 PM - 27 Jul 12
sinead kerr ‏@sineadskate
@AlexShibutani I'm sure you will! very inspiring to watch
2:38 PM - 27 Jul 12

Ashley Wagner ‏@AshWagner2010
I cannot wait for the Olympics, such a magical event! I truly do hope that one day I will get to experience it!
5:19 PM - 26 Jul 12
jeremy barrett ‏@JeremyJBarrett
@AshWagner2010 you will!
5:27 PM - 26 Jul 12