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Thread: 2012 - 2013 Russian skaters, rules, and events

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evgenia View Post
    When did Mishin think he wants to adopt Misha? He doesn't look so talented boy now (sorry). Mikhail hadn't living parents in Pitersburg?
    When Mikhail was about 7-8 years old, AFAIR.
    He was one of most talented male skaters in St.Petersburg of his age, and is by now.
    Russian male junior skaters are not of highest lewel, so between them Mikhail is good.
    He lands 3A+2T, it's a good level for junior. Only 6 of Juniors at RusYunNat-2012 landed 3A, two of them aren't juniors at this season (became 19 years old before 01 Jul 2012).

    His parents live in St.Betersburg, family is poor with many children.

    If comparing junior Men and Ladies - we see, nyfn Lipnitskaia had score 191,92, between 4th and 5th places of Junior Men.
    If she would perform Men's Program (8 jump elements in FS, higher factor to PCS), her score would be about 216,7 (adding extra 2Lz about 2.5 and higher factor for PCS 22,33). So her score would be between 1st and 2nd places of Junior Men (who both landed 4T, both were at last Junior season, i.e. 18-19 years old).
    You see high level of Junior Ladies and not so high of Junior Men.
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