Shelepen and Korobeynikova both got 2nd GP.

Skate Canada gave their host spot to Polina Shelepen, which I think is logical since their ladies don't have a final chance, but a good Shelepen can reach the final. Polina Korobeynikova got the third spot for Russia in the Rostelecom Cup. I'm so happy for her.

And Yretha Silete is still on the list. Last week it was announced that she had a surgery and can not participate in the GP series. So she will be replaced later. Maybe Sofia Biryukova can replace her at the COC.

For Adelina, she doesn't look very well. Her short program may be nice after some work, but the long program doesn't look promising really. It's strange that she was one of the few skaters Tarasova liked at the test skates.