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Thread: Brian Boitano interview on NPR

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    Brian Boitano interview on NPR

    I heard this on my way home from work. He was talking about coming out, being appointed to the delegation, and his stance on the anti-gay laws in Russia and how they relate to the Olympics. It was a short interview but enjoyable.

    It will be available at the following link around 7pm EST.

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    A short but very good interview-Brian's discussion of what his agent back in 1988 said to him contrasts so with attitudes today.

    Also, he wasn't aware at first that President Obama was sending a message with this delegation, and decided to go public about being gay, exactly to make the message stronger.

    You may have to click around a bit to find the interview-I did.

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    More Brian Boitano interviews from Jan 2:

    ~ With Matt Lauer of the Today show, who had the very first interview after BB's official statement referring to himself as gay.

    ~ With Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

    ~ With Chris Matthews, MSNBC

    Although the other Edge thread re Boitano theoretically would be a better place for these links, the discussion over there in reality means it would be a black hole for them.

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