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Thread: Canoe/Kayak

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    Eek! I was thinking of a lake with no surprises. Lily pads at the most. Oh, my paws and whiskers. Though, by the way, I can swim. I'm just a klutz with sports equipment.

    By the way, did anyone see the Women's Eights rowing? One of the most elegant of water races. I love those long, slim boats with the synchronized pairs of oars flicking like dragonfly wings. The boats seem as if they glide just over the water rather than through it. I've never seen crew rowing in real life. Does anyone here have any expertise in it?

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    I've never done crew, but I know how to row. Does that count?

    Seriously, both of the places we spend time have a sculling tradition.

    The Yale Harvard Regatta is 150 years old this year, and it has been held on the Thames River here in Southeastern CT for a long time. When I was a kid, spectators were lined up all over, and vendors sold snacks & red helium balloons with Harvard on them and blue with Yale. Since my mom's dad went to Yale and my uncle went to Harvard, we had both.

    In Englewood, FL, there is a Master's coaching clinic each winter. The crews row up and down Lemon Bay with a chase boat with a coach with a bullhorn yelling at them.

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