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Thread: HELP finding info on figure skating from morning show 10/16

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    HELP finding info on figure skating from morning show 10/16

    Hello everyone My Name is Nathan. On one of the morning shows (Today, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, etc) on October 16th, 2012, there was a short figure skating program consisting of maybe 15 ladies skating in an outside arena. They skated to a classical song, in the style of Josh Groban. My mom heard this song only once before, long ago, and has been trying to find out what it is/who sings it, since then. I didn't think to record it on the morning show, and didn't pay enough attention when it started, to hear if they mentioned anything about the music. If any of you saw this show, and can help to let me know either which show it was, or what the song was, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!!

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    Wishing you luck, Nathan, as you search for the song for your mother. I don't know the ultimate answer, but maybe the bits below will assist your research.

    On Oct 16, the Skyliners Synchronized Skating senior and junior teams each performed on the Today show (on NBC).

    The Skyliners had tweeted in advance that the senior team would perform btwn 8 and 9 am (second hr of Today), and that the junior team btwn 10 and 11 am (fourth hr of Today).

    An unconfirmed comment from a fan on the team's Facebook page mentions "Chris Mann Music", FWIW.

    The team's website is:

    I did not see the broadcast, but my general impression is that the Today show website archives many videos.

    Just stumbled upon this FSU post re the Today broadcast with the Skyliners. It mentions upbeat music from Beyonce, but maybe that is not the same program that you have in mind.
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