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Oh my goodness... the 90's! Who can forget Olga Markova, Tanja Szewczenko, Eric Millot, Woetzel & Steuer, Rakhamo & Kokko, Laetitia Hubert, Marie-Pierre Leray, Vanessa Gusmeroli, Sandra Garde, Hartshorn & Sweiding, Urbanski & Marval, Sebastien Britten, Rory Burghart, Lisa-Marie Allen, McDonald & Smith... those are just a FEW of the lesser known stars that are among my all time favourites. I'd trade any CoP competition or even one of today's better shows for a CBS cheesefest with 1000 unknown and fabulous skaters ANYDAY.
Could you share some of your favorite performances from those skaters just so we can get a chance to view them again?