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Thread: Lesser known skaters of bygone era?

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    Yes, Josee was a real Canadian sweetheart. You are right about her nerves getting the best of her during her competitive years. However, she really blossomed as a performer and pro competitor. I remember her "Moon River" program and thinking why did she not skate like that as an amateur competitor? Still she became one of my favorites. My husband really likes to watch Josee skate. Someone mentioned Kay Thompson - she had a lot of promise and was one of the best female spinners to ever grace the ice. I think she was one of the skaters that was under appreciated as well. So many skaters come and go over the years, some go on to great things, others leave us wanting more. It's nice to reflect on all these wonderful talented skaters and say "thank you" for leaving the sport a little more enriched.

    Great thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee4707 View Post

    Ilia Klimkin (was nicknamed the forgotten Russian)
    Not by me

    Gordeeva & Grinkov are certainly not a lesser known team, but this is probably one of their lesser known programs: It is choreographed by Tatiana Tarasova.

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