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    Track and Field

    I think it's time to start a track and field thread. So far I've heard about the Women's 10,000 meters, won by an Ethiopian woman who repeated her feat of 2008. How did I miss that last night? Was it run in the first segment of NBC coverage, which I missed because of a work obligation? In any case I did get to see the men's 10,000 meters, and that was a corker. Did anyone else see it? Let's discuss! Expertise not required.

    Tonight I think is the men's 100 meters. Or at least, tonight on NBC is the men's 100 meters. Presumably it's already a fait accompli.

    Edit: I just had my first opportunity to watch Oscar Pistorius run. What an impressive moment. Several thoughts came to me (one being admiration for this guy's dedication and athletic skills). I've read about the worries that some people have about whether he has an unfair advantage because his lower legs weigh only about three pounds each, and because of the spring he gets from them. But as I watched, I became aware that whatever edge he has is outweighed by the difficulty of side-to-side balance for him. His prostheses have no pivot ability at all--no ankle, no flexible soles. Not only that, with each strike on the ground, he kind of slide-twists his "foot," which must be a very risky move for his knee joints. I'm also fairly sure he wouldn't be allowed to run in races where the athletes run multiple laps around the track and cluster tightly together, as they do in the 10,000 meter race we just saw. His curved metal prostheses could endanger other runners, or he could easily be tripped up himself.

    So I think that although the day may come when there are prosthetics that give their wearers an unfair advantage over unmodified runners, this is not that day, and Pistorius deserves his chance to compete here. Besides the basic fairness of it, I think the inspirational value will be huge, and not just to people like wounded veterans or kids with disabilities, but to everyone.
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