Really deedee, 3-0 to US sounds very pessimistic. Japan has shown a big nerve in defending themselves. And if they play the ball as they can, I think quick counterbacks will beat the US defense.

The teams are playing quite differently. I'm curious to see how Japan will tackle this. A bit holding back at the beginning maybe. Don't know much about the Japanese coach, but heard an interview with Pia Sundhage, the US coach. She said she is not at all thinking of revenge. She just loves to analyze the teams, how they play and make a plan. Then she can't do more than trust her players, which she does 100 %. "The players are hot, her role is to calm them down."

I think 2-1 for US. Anyway looking forward to the game. Hope you wake up deedee And can function tomorrow.

I couldn't watch the bronze game. But saw some highlights… France dominating hitting the goal frame repeatedly…. then Canada scoring in the last minute like US did against them France must learn how to hit the goal. Whatever you do, how well you play, it's the scoring that counts. I love this sport

Saori is unbeatable. She'll of course win Not a fan of wrestling though.