You're right, it's deliberately misleading to say, look at people who zumba classes and yoga/pilates and say - *they* can't run a very specific distance at this speed so it must be an amazing speed. The comparison should be between other people who run long distances and people who racewalk long distances. I'm sure racewalkers are going to come out at the losing end with that one too, but I feel it's their own fault they refuse to pick up their knees. My problem is with racewalking is that it's pointless as a sport. It requires the cadence of sprinting and the stamina of a marathoner, yet provides neither the speed of the former nor the efficient travel of the latter. In fact, one of its "advantages" is that it burns more calories than walking or running at the same speed. Did someone on the Biggest Loser come up with this?

I suspect Carolina's boyfriend was roiding at Beijing as well, but I don't think the samples will show anything. No steroid has that kind of half life.