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Thread: Best and Worst Moments of the London Games

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    Best and Worst Moments of the London Games

    I think the London Olympics from a spectator's POV were a spectacular success.

    It was always in my mind that London, as one of the world's largest and most open cities might fall prey to a terrorist attack.
    Thankfully that did not happen and I was glad to hear Sebastien Coe at the closing ceremonies thank "those who protected us."

    Anyone who has read my posts about drugs and cheating knows where I stand on that issue.
    If I have been tough on Bolt please take it as an overall and overwhelming feeling about what I see as incredible hypocrisy from the IOC and many of the governing bodies of various Olympic sports.

    I am getting weary of hearing "I have never failed a drug test."

    Several links I posted were made with the intent to show how easy it is to use banned substances and not get caught.

    It can be easy enough to conclude the spirit of the Olympic movement exists today primarily as a way for certain bodies to make big money.
    Like most sports...the Olympics are not the first to be changed by monetary greed.

    But still.......I saw some amazing moments and I remain hopeful for the future.

    For me the legacy of the London games will be the great spirit shown by the British people. Of course they cheered on their own athletes but having seen many events I think there was a wonderful and genuine show of good will and support at all of the venues for Olympians of all nationalities.

    For now that is enough and I say "London, and Great Britain, well done.

    My favorite moment of the games was the goal scored by Alex Morgan to beat Canada....but I am a football nut and a huge Alex Morgan fan.
    Gabby the great was my favorite athlete at the games. And Mustafina captivated me as well.

    My favorite moment of sportsmanship was by the Japanese Women's football team.
    Despite a heartbreaking defeat they showed pure class. To hear the way they were cheered by the crowd as they approached the podium is what has always made the Olympics special to me.
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