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Benji is a swing dancer. Chelsie, Dmitri and Lacey were all Latin dancers with knowledge of standard ballroom as well. Lacey also competed in swing dancing, but her Latin background was just as extensive. Benji didn't have enough expertise in ballroom and Latin to be a pro on DWTS.
Benji also choreographed a West Coast Swing for Sarah and Pasha during season 3. It's too bad they don't use him more as a choreographer. Yes, Lacey has also had more training in other realms of dance as compared to Benji. I can only assume that their cousin Heidi isn't called upon because she got married a few years ago.

I think a lot has to do with their schedules, too. Pasha doesn't partner as much as Anya, but he has choreographed since their season of SYTYCD. Also, some of the other popular contestants have gone on tour, etc. If you watched Travis Wall's All the Right Moves, you can see how busy a dancer's life can be when successful - Travis and his friends have had to shuffle committments to choreographing for others and other projects vs forming their own dance company + attending classes to sharpen their skills in their expertises and learn other areas of dance.