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Thread: What happened to them? Where are they now?

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    What happened to them? Where are they now?

    The other night, I was home sick and had the oppurtunity to dig out and watch a bunch of my old skating tapes. Unfortunatley, so many are unmarked and with my huge collection, I just pull out a random tape and hope for the best. I found this tape (about Tara) and on it they flashed a results sheet. It had some familiar names who have seemed to disappear to the great beyond. Does anyone know where they might be, what happened to them, etc?

    The people:

    Lisa Ervin: National medallist? I believe she is coaching now, why did she stop skating again? I thought I heard something about eating disorders.

    Chrissa Gossard: I saw her in a show a few years back, but other than that what happened? I think she was a Junior World team memeber in the early 90's. Talented if I can remember correctly.

    Theresa/Teresa Aiello: I did find some skating guru who told me a little about her. I heard she medalled at Junior nats, 2nd at Olympic Festival (to Tara--big shocker supposedly--I'd love to see that tape--Tara at 12?! Cool!!!), went to Junior Worlds, and was top 6 or so at Senior nats. Another skating guru told me that they saw her in skating magazine in the early 90's and they predicted her to win the olympics?! What happened to someone so talented?

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    I think it was "Inside Edge" that had the story of Lisa Ervin...same age as Nicole Bobek. As puberty hit, she started having weight troubles, and developed an eating disorder. I believe her final skate was an exhibition in Sun Valley....Anyway, she bagged it, and returned to life as a "normal" teenager, without the skating stresses, weight, etc....became healthy, graduated high school, etc. Not sure what she's doing now...


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    She coaches now, I think, in Sun Valley. Not too sure...

    that book called Lisa the good twin and Nicole the bad twin!

    I remember hoping that Lisa would pull a Liz Manley. They sure looked alike!

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    Lisa is coaching in upstate New York.

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