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    Lightbulb Caroline Zhang Online - Fansite and Forum

    Hi there,

    Sorry I've been busy for a while. I've been cleaning up the Caroline Zhang Online fansite and I'm happy to tell everybody that I've made major changes in the site: new layout, upgraded gallery and a new fan forum.

    Please visit these links:

    Plus, the video gallery should be up real soon. ^_^

    If you have Caroline images/videos and other fan-related stuff, please contact me. It'll be a great help. Thanks!

    admin, Caroline Zhang Online

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    Thanks, frauregina! Glad to hear from you. I hope this year is an especially rewarding one for Caroline and her fans (including you and me!).

    Look how long her hair is. Gorgeous. Too bad she can't wear it in a long braid as she skates, but centrifugal force being what it is, there's no possibility.
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    Hope so too. With all the hardwork that she had given, she deserves to be rewarded. I almost didn't catch 4CC because I was also watching the BAFTA film awards. LOL

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