Burlington Performing Arts Centre - Burlington, ON, September 14th & 15th, 2012

Three-time World Champion and two-time Olympic Silver Medalist, Elvis Stojko, will be featured in the Beau Idéal Production of, 'Land of the Eternals', which will display the artistry and athleticism of skating, through a unique combination of storytelling, dance, and much more!

Also appearing alongside Elvis Stojko is a unique cast of skating talents such as the British adagio team of Fiona Zaldua and Dimitry Sukhanov, American skater Dan Hollander, Roselle Doyle and more, 'Land of the Eternals' promises to deliver a blend of unique and creative storytelling, diverse music and dance with outstanding choreography, for an unforgettable evening of Entertainment!

Because this is a live stage performance (and NOT on ice), all the skaters in the show will be performing on the innovative and ingenious PIC®Skates – an advanced and elite figure skating version of ‘inline skates or rollerblades’ – however because of its unique design, the PIC®Skate allows athletes to execute all their jumps, spins, and other figure skating elements on an off-ice surface with ease.