Has anyone seen Hunger Games? What did you think? Yesterday I saw a C-Span author of a book on US plans to have 30,000 drones over America. A police state. Google that sentence if you want to be in the know how police will be armed to the teeth. Drones everywhere of all kinds like locusts. DC is shutting its collective mouth due to the "election". Like we have a big choice. The opening scenes show a large drone and I felt chills.

I thought the costuming was bizarre for something 75 years in the future at least, after the strucutres we know are all gone. Also, I thought it strange that Earth looked so healthy after what would have to be huge wars and climatic huge changes. What did y'all think of this movie? Not much to rent on my cable. I rec. the $1.50 version from Redbox if available and not 5.99 or whatever I paid. I know there was a book but not the sort I would read. Redbox BTW was 99cents, then 1.20 and just jumped to 1.50 plus tax. I really miss browsing in a store to read the jackets. Redbox(some are blue!?) are everywhere and little selection seems to be the MO. I envy people in large cities that still have choices or the affluent towns where retail still thrives I loved Blockbuster's huge section of foriegn movies, and do not want to rejoin Netflix but what choice is there? My the world changes at a speed that is making people dizzier but not happier.

I'd give it a 5 on a scale of 1to 10? ANy opinions?