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    JGP Courchevel 2012 Men's Preview

    On paper, the favorite for the gold would be Jason Brown, last year's JGPF champion and World Junior bronze medallist. He has had a good summer season. The only snag I can see is that he is working on his triple axel. He theoretically could try one in both programs. However, he hasn't landed one yet.

    Jason Brown USA
    SP The Question of U by Prince
    LP Liebestraum by Franz Liszt
    His coach is Kori Ade, and his long time choreographer is Rohene Ward.
    Jason is the reigning Junior Grand Prix Champion and the bronze medallist at Junior Worlds. He has been trying, unsuccessfully so far, to land a triple axel in competition. This might be a good place to try one again.
    His personal best score was obtained at the 2012 world junior championships, where he score 214.90 points (but did not include a triple axel).
    Jason at the 2011 JGPF (his LP)
    Jason at 2012 Glacier Falls Summer Competition LP

    You may not have heard of this next skater, but he is a really exciting young skater. And he has both a triple axel and a quad toe. He could challenge for the gold.

    Boyang Jin CHN
    SP Chambermaid Maid Swing
    LP Chaplin
    His coach is : Zhaoxiao Xu & his choreographer: Hailan Jiang. He trains in Harbin.
    He won the Junior Men's division in the Asian FS Trophy in 2011, with a score of 177.17. He was fourth in Seniors Men's in China in 2012. This is his JGP debut..
    His is very young, and very very good
    As the words attached to the video say: He turned 14 in Oct (2011). But he has aleady 4T, 3A-2T, 3Lz-3T, 3A of the second half...
    He did an Exhibition at Cup of China last year to Michael Jackson songs

    I expect one of the next 4 skaters to be in there for the bronze:

    Ryuju Hino JPN
    SP TaTaKu (best of Kodo) by Tetsuro Naito, Motofumi Yamaguchi
    LP Robin Hood (soundtrack) Michael Kamen
    His coaches are Hiroshi Nagakubo, Y. Naruse, M. Kawaume, Y. Hongo, and his Choreographer: Kenji Miyamoto
    He is the reigning Japanese Junior Champion.
    His best total score was 182.71 at JGP Volvo Cup last year.
    He was 9th at the World Junior Championships
    Here's his SP from Jr. Worlds

    Mikhail Kolyada RUS
    SP The Mask (soundtrack) by Randy Edelman
    LP Pearl Harbour (soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer
    His coach and choreographer are Coach: Valentina Chebotareva & Choreographer: Olga Kliushnichenko
    His best ever total score was at 2011 JGP Brisbane, where he earned 177.55 and finished 4th. He finished 6th at Russian Junior Nationals.
    Here's his free skate from JGP Brisband 2011


    Harrison Choate USA
    SP Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White by Perez Prado; Mambo Jambo by Perez Prado
    LP Slaughter on 10th Avenue by Richard Rodgers
    Harrison is coached in Boston by Mark Mitchell, & Peter Johansson. His Choreographers are : Jamie Isley & Tom Dickson
    His highest international score is 166.38 at JGP Brasov 2011, where he finished 6th. He finished 4th at US Nationals in juniors.
    Harrison at JGP Brasov LP
    Harrison at Evening With Champions
    Harrison has had a strong summer season. His fourth place finish at US nationals is a little misleading. He bombed the SP but finished strong in the LP.


    Nam Nguyen CAN
    is coached by Brian Orser. His choreographers are Lori Nichol, Joanne McLeod (his former coach) & Aaron Lowe

    SP The Ritz, Roll and Rock by Cole Porter; Red Blues by Cole Porter
    LP Air on th G String by J. S. Bach; Fantasia and Fugue in C Minor by J. S. Bach
    He is only 14.
    His highest international score was 169.55 at JGP Brasov in 2011, where he won the bronze medal.. He was the Canadian Junior Champion in the 2010-2011 season, and was 7th at the Canadian Senior Championships last year and 13th at Junior Worlds. Nam is another young, phenomenal skater who already has his triple axel. He's a little young, and a little slow yet, but he is a charmer on the ice.

    The rest of the competitors:

    Pavel Strakach BLR
    was 5th at his senior National Championships two years ago. He was 13th in juniors at Coup de Nice in 2011..

    Jui Shu Chen TPE
    SP A Night on the Bald Mountain by Modest Mussorgski
    LP Tristan and Isolde by Maxime Rodriguez
    His coaches are Coach: Gui-Fang Zhu, Shih-Hao Lu, Yusuke Hayashi, and his Choreographers are: Shih-Hao Lu, Rie Arikawa
    His best international score was 106.73 at JGP Tallinn 2011 where he finished 15th.
    His LP from the recent Asian Figure Skating Trophy

    Julian Lagus FIN
    Dance of a Marionette by Stephan Dudash Music Free Skating / Free Dance as of season2012/2013 The Untouchables (soundtrack) by Ennio Morricone
    Guerilleros by Maxime Rodrigues
    He was 5th in Seniors at Finnish Nationals. He was third at Nordics in Seniors with a score of 141.23, and 12th at The Hague competition in 2012.
    This is his JGP debut.
    His LP from Nordics

    Simon Hocquaux FRA
    SP Selection from Goan Project
    LP Pearl Harbour (soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer (information from 2011/2012 season)
    He was 6th in seniors at the French National Championships last year.
    His personal best is 141.81 at JGP Austria 2011, where he finished 12th.
    His LP from French Nationals

    Charles Tetar FRA
    SP Barbier of Seville by G. Rossini Music
    LP Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by The Platters; Buddy Rock by Jerry Lee Lewis; Blues Nobody by Nat King Cole; Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley
    Charles is coached by Annick Dumont.
    His highest international score was 138.14, earned at JGP Baltic Cup 2011 where he finished 10th. He won the Triglav trophy in juniors last year, and was third in Coup de Nice in juniors.
    He was 5th in Seniors at French Nationals
    His LP at JGP Baltic

    Pangiotis Polizoakis GER
    SP Adios Nonino by Astor Piazzolla
    LP Nutcracker by P. I. Tchaikovsky, modern arrangement by Trans Siberian Orchestra
    His coach is Coach: Michael Huth, and his Choreographer is Rostislav Sinitzin
    He placed second in the Merano Cup in juniors in 2011, where he scored 137.01.
    He was third in juniors at German Nationals.
    Here is his LP from NRW Trophy last December
    And an exhibition of his from Oberstdorf

    Peter James Hallam GBR
    SP Avatar (soundtrack) by James Horner
    LP Gladiator (soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard
    Peter is coached by Dawn Peckett, and his choreograph is John Kerr, the former British ice dance champion. I'm looking forward to seeing his work!
    His highest previous score was at JGP Austria 2011, where he finished 16th with a score of 122.61
    Here he is at the Challenge Cup this last spring at The Hague

    Alessandro Pezzoli ITA
    He has not filed an ISU biography
    Here's his SP from the Gardena Spring Trophy 2011. He scored 33.92 and was 11th in this SP and 11th again in the LP with a score of 102.75 (total score 136.67)

    Sondre Oddvoll NOR
    SP Crime Speed from Dick Tracy by Danny Elfman; The Strength of the Righteous from The Untouchables by Ennio Morricone
    LP Prince Igor by Alexander Borodin
    His coach is Coach: Berit Steigedal, and his Choreographes are: Rostislav Sinizyn, Kaja Hanevold
    He is making his international debut here
    Here is his novice LP from NRW Trophy last year:

    Vlad Ionescu ROU
    SP Vuelvo al sur by Gotan Project
    LP Greek Folk Music
    His coach is Coach: Manuela Cristudor and his Choreographer: Sandra Chiper Schär
    His best ever total score was 118.59 at JGP Sheffield in 2010.
    Here's his last year's LP from Tropheo Lombardi JGP

    Alexander Petrov RUS
    SP Fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach
    LP Once Upon a Time in America by Ennio Morricone
    He trains in St. Petersburg, where he is coached by Tatiana Mishina, & Oleg Tataurov. His Choreographer: is Irina Manuilova
    This is his international debut. Last year he was a novice.
    Here is his Novice LP from the NRW Trophy last December

    Victor Bustamante ESP
    SP Dance Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens
    LP The Mission (soundtrack) by Ennio Morricone
    He is coached by Carolina Sanz, Ivan Saez, J. Lafarga, & Y. Canton, and his choreographer is: Ivan Saez
    His best ever total score was at JGP Austria, 132.88, where he finished 14th.
    Last year he was 15th at the World Junior Championships. He is the reigning National Junior champion of Spain.
    His FD from that competition

    Marcus Björk SWE
    SP Nyah (from Mission Impossible soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer
    LP Prince Igor by Alexander Borodin
    His coaches are Ladislav Vince, & Ela Magnusson. His Choreographer is : Hanna Gradevik
    His highest score was 123.33 at the World Junior Championships, where he finished 24th.
    Marcus's free skate from Nordics

    Vincent Cuerel SUI
    SP Pink Panther Theme (soundtrack) by Henry Mancini
    LP D'Artagnan by Maxime Rodriguez
    He is coached by Coach: Jacqueline Kiefer & his Choreographer is : Michele Colberg
    He placed 6th at the 2011 Ice Challenge of Graz, where he scored 107.67
    He was in novices in the 2011 season. Here is his novice SP from the 2011 Spring Trophy

    Ivan Pavlov UKR
    SP Symphony No. 5 by L. v. Beethoven arr. by David Garrett
    LP Legend of Zorro (soundtrack) by James Horner
    His coach is Marina Amirkhanova and his Choreographers are : Natalia Vorobieva, Irina Chubarets.
    This is his international debut. Last fall he was in Novices.
    Here is his novice LP from the 2011 Kaunas Ice Autumn Cup.

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    I worry about the Chinese skaters PCS. Maybe it will be fine but the jumps might indicate a jump focus and PCS may be low and I think Chinese men are given low PCS. Jason Brown has great PCS. Really high. Has the potential to wipe out anyones jump advantage which is why he is a medalist at JGPF and JR worlds. I expect Brown will do what works for him and not include any 3A in SP or LP.
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    gmyers, Yes that is what I expect too, but I would hope he'd try it once.

    Jin's PCS are apt to be a bit low right now, because he is new to international scene, but by the next JGP, he should be correctly graded, whatever that grade might be.

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