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Gachinsky has good music and good programmes this season, and his progress is noticeable even early in a season, plus he does two quads and two triple axels in LP, on a top of all these he has quad loop, he did it easily from first attempt at last year Euros at first practice.
Very possible he will win medal at worlds 2013 or most likely win it, if he skates clean, then Russia will have a chance to win two medals in men at Olympics 2014 in Sochi.

Gachinsky will be like Plushenko in 2001, even better, of course if he stays healthy and skates clean.
Plushenko has a lot of work to do to stay ahead of everybody, so far he is achieving very well. His goal is Olympic gold medal in Sochi, and he will do everything ( and he does) to win it fair and square.
Of course, his goal the gold medal in Sochi, and he is working so hard for it! But he said he would be happy, if he would stand on pedestal. Yes. We, his fans would be happy, too. He will be 31!!!