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    Quote Originally Posted by SkateFiguring View Post
    Comparing Jin and Brown:

    Draqq, if you feel the calls on Jason's jumps are harsh, then it may be said that judges are generous on his PCS. Can't have it both ways. All three of his 3Lz got edge calls so it's a consistent problem. In his LP, the only clean jumps were 2As and the 3F (and a couple of 2Ts). The indications are clear what he needs to work on.

    Brwon's PCS is sustaining him for now but he obviously has problems with his jumps, while Jin's and Hino's jumps will likely get even better and sustain them forever during their competitive careers. Jin received a few TR marks in the 4's but not over all. As I noted above, there is not much difference in his SS and Brwon's. A little growing up and better choreos will close the gap in PCS. The question is whether Brown can close the substantial TES gap between him and the younsters like Yan and Jin, not to mention his contemporary Hanyu.
    The technical panel is different than the main panel of nine judges who assess artistry and quality marks. Brown deserves high-6s, low-7s in PCS for his bladework, musicality, and fluidity. On a good day, which he did not have here, he deserves mid-7s on PCS.

    Where I think the technical panel was harsh is in the 3F+3T+2T. I don't think that both the 3T and 2T were under-rotated. Some of the other underrotations were close calls and I think he was within the quarter-circle margin for some of the jumps that were called. The flutz calls are legit, however, and Jason needs to consider a different technique going into it.

    The reason why Jin and Brown's SS are close is because of Jin's jump difficulty, which the judges factor into SS even if they are not really forced to. But we both agree that he needs a jumping coach, because he will need the 3A, a non-flutzed Lutz, and in my opinion a least one 4T attempt to secure a future in skating that lives up to both technical and artistic demands.
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