Hey everyone! Sooo... I'm really excited I just recieved, as a gift, a new pair of skates. The thing is... I started figure skating when I was 6 and quit after 6 years. I was doing pretty good, spinning perfectly, jumping single jumps perfectly, landing some double jumps... But now I'm 24!! As in.. haven't skated for 12 years!!! Which means I need all the tips I can get! I started breaking them in yesterday and was able to do some frd spins (so so, couldn't do the backspin) and very little Waltz, Salcow and Toe Loop jumps. They're still very stiff and painful because they're new plus they're recreational skates which makes them even stiffer.
If you have anyyy tips on regaining the skill, touch, feeling, confidence... whatever! I would be so thankful!!!