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    JGP Lake Placid 2012 Ladies Preview

    Lake Placid is a competition of dark horses; skaters I've never seen, skaters with no international experience, and skaters who have been injured and whose current condition is not wholly known. Therefore any predictions I make should be taken with a huge helping of salt. From looking at the videos I could find of these girls, Evgenia Gerasimova RUS should win--if she skates as she did at the third leg of the 2011 Cup of Russia. However, if she skates as she did at Russian Nationals, she will lose out to Satoko Miyahara who is coming off a win this month at the Asian FS Trophy 2012 Taipei. And then there are the three American girls. If Angela Wang puts it all together, she could win the bronze. Angela has not always been consistent though. And the same can be said of Courtney Hicks, who has been troubled with injuries, but who looked quite good at Glacier Falls. Kiri Baga has also had injuries, and worse, is skating pairs at the same time as competing in singles. So if I had to guess which American girl wins the bronze, I'm guessing Angela, but with my fingers firmly crossed.

    Evgenia Gerasimova RUS
    Evgenia has no ISU biography.
    She earned a score of 169.59 at the 2011 Cup of Russia III., finishing in 3rd behind Shelepen and Sotnikova in Senior Ladies
    Her LP from that competition
    Her LP from Russian Nationals, where she finished 12th overall in Senior Ladies. with a score of 152.52.

    Satoko Miyahara JPN
    SP Voice of Spring Waltz (Frühlingsstimmen Walzer) by J. Strauss jr.
    LP Romeo and Juliet; Adagio
    Her coaches are Coach: Mie Hamada, Yamoto Tamura, & Yoko Niino. Her choreographers are Tom Dickson & Kenji Miyamoto.
    Her best ever total score was 160.20 at JGP Baltic last year.
    She is the current Japanese junior Champion, and she placed 4th at Junior Worlds last year.
    She also won the Junior Ladies competition at the Asian FS Trophy in Taipei earlier this month.
    Her winning SP and LP from Asian FS Trophy

    Angela Wang USA
    SP Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (soundtrack) by Tan Dun
    LP Ladies in Lavender by Nigel Hess

    Her current coaches are Christy Krall, Damon Allen, & Janet Champion. Her Choreographers are Tom Dickson, Scott Brown.
    Angela's personal best in international competition is 132.70, which she earned at ISU JGP SBC Cup in 2010. She skated an amazing LP at US Nationals in Seniors last year, which caused her to pull up to 8th overall in seniors.
    Three months ago, Angela was landing 3Lz3T3T
    Angela's LP from US Nationals, where she scored a total of 158.66, and was 6th in the LP, 8th overall.

    Courtney Hicks USA
    SP Korobushka by Bond
    LP Aranjuez by Ikuko Kawai

    Her coach is Scott Wendland, and her choreographer is Philip Mills. She was the US champion in Juniors in 2011, and was 6th at Junior Worlds in that year. However, she too, has been fighting injuries.
    Here is her LP from the Glacier Falls summer competition this year, where she finished 3rd overall behind Mirai Nagasu and Vanessa Lam, with a score of 143.20

    Kiri Baga USA
    SP Gabriel's Oboe (The Mission soundtrack) by Ennio Morricone
    LP Bacchanala from Samson and Delilah by C. Saint-Saens

    Her coach is Cindy Caprel , and her Choreographer is Pasquale Camerlengo.
    Her personal best total score was 146.98 at the World Junior Championships in 2010, where she finished 7th. She was 10th in Seniors at last years National Championships with a score of 149.36.. She was been fighting injuries in the 2011/2012 season.

    Kiri also skates pairs with her partner Taylor Toth. Here's their LP at 2012 Skate Detroit
    And here's her singles SP from Skate Detroit. In her section, she scored 53.20, second to Gracie Gold in Senior Ladies. She withdrew from the LP, however.

    Angelina Bosko ARG
    SP Selection by Gipsy Kings
    LP Gypsy Flame by Armik; The Mask of Zorro (soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer
    Her Coach is Sergei Rybnikov and her Choreographer is Susie Wynne.
    An exhibtion at "La Escuela Ruse" in June

    Brooklee Han AUS
    SP Prayer for Taylor by Michael Smith; Titanic Symphony by Richard Clayderman
    LP Ave Maria by Caccini
    Her coach and choreographer is Coach: Serhii Vaypan.
    Her best ever total score was 115.49 at JGP Brisbane last year.
    She placed 30th in World Juniors last year.
    She also competes in Dressage and Eventing Equestrian competitions.
    Her SP at JGP Brisbane:
    An interview with Brooklee by the aussieskates blog:

    Clara Baiwir BEL
    SP Jazzy Girl by Luc Baiwir
    LP This's One For You by Luc Baiwir
    Note that her father composedsher music!
    This is her JGP debut. She placed 26th earlier this year in the Coupe de Printemps 2012 in Luxemburg.
    This video was uploaded in June, and is from this season.
    An article about Clara and her father

    Alaine Marie Chartrand CAN
    Alaine has no ISU bio.
    She has been coached by Leonid Birinberg; Shane Dennison & Mary Jayne Rashotte
    She won the Eastern Ontario Sectionals, followed by finishing third in Senior Ladies at Challenge with a score of 129.56.
    Her performance at Canadian Nationals, where she finished 9th in Senior Ladies.
    An article about Alaine from the Ottawa Citizen.

    Corinna Lijun Lin TPE
    Coach: Debbie Milne-Davis, Dmitri Palamarchuk Choreographer: Chika Maruta, Robin Wagner
    She has not updated her ISU bio
    Her personal best score was 68.75 at the JGP Volvo Cup.
    She was 13th in juniors at the 2012 Asian FS Trophy in Taipei.
    She also holds a black belt in taekwondo.
    Her SP from Volvo Cup 2011

    Pernille Sørensen DEN
    SP Ancient Egypt
    LP Rock Meets Rachmaninov by Jon Schmidt, Steven Nelson; Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini by Sergei Rachmaninov
    Her coach is Coach is Andrzej Strzelec, and her Choreographer is Kate Strzelec .
    Her personal best score was 100.21 at JGP Brasov. She is the Danish Junior Champion. She placed 6th in Juniors at the Nordics.
    Her SP from JGP Brasov:
    and from Skate Copenhagen

    Beata Papp FIN
    SP Slaughter on 10th Avenue by Richard Rodgers
    LP La Cumparsita by Gerardo Hernan Matos Rodriguez
    Her coach is Brian Orser and her choreographers are Mark Pillau for the SP, and Maikki Uotila Kraatz for her LP.
    Her best ever score was 120.27 at JGP Austria last year. She placed third in Senior Ladies at the Finnish National Championships. She also placed fourth in Seniors at The Nordics.. The Papp family now all lives in Canada, to facilitate the children's training.
    Her LP from JGP Brisbane

    Tsz Ying Crystal Chik HKG
    SP L'Arlesienne-Suiten Nr.1 & 2 by Georges Bizet (Nice that she uses something by Bizet other than Carmen !! )
    LP Memoirs Of a Geisha by John Williams
    She lists no coach or choreographer on her bio.
    Her personal best score was 82.27 earned at ISU JGP Trofeo W. Lombardi 2011.
    She finished 10th in Juniors at the Asian FS Trophy 2012 Taipei City 2012.
    Her SP from Trofeo W. Lombardi 2011

    Deirdre Faegre IRL
    Her ISU bio is not updated.
    Her Coaches are Joanie Malarchuk & Garnet Fiordalisi
    She is her own Choreographer: Deirdre Faegre !
    She trains in the US at South Lake Tahoe.
    Her personal best was 52.53 at ISU JGP Trofeo W. Lombardi 2011. where she finished 31st.
    Her SP from Trofeo W. Lombardi 2011

    Netta Schreiber ISR
    SP Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Camille Saint-Saens
    LP Carmen by George Bizet
    Her coach is Coach Gilberto Viadana, and her Choreographer is Michela Boschetto.
    Lake Placid JGP will be her debut appearnace to international skating.
    A practice version of her LP from July

    Kako Tomotaki JPN
    SP Time to Say Goodbye
    LP Amelie (soundtrack) by Yann Tiersen
    Her coach is Coach: Yusuke Hayashi, and her Choreographer is Mari Araya.
    Her best ever score was 128.95, scored at JGP Austria in 2011.
    Her LP from Japanese Nationals Dec. 2011

    Raya M. Willoughby MAS
    SP Egyptic by Beats Antique
    LP Above and Beyond by Bassnectar
    Her coach is Ross Lansel, and her Choreographer is Carissa Tambaschi.
    Her best ever score was 57.27 at JGP Courchevel in 2010.
    Willoughby was the first woman to represent Malaysia at an ISU Championship when she competed at 2011 Junior Worlds.
    Raya Willoughby Returns to the Rink for the 7th Malaysian Championships, and is interviewed

    Madelaine Parker NZL
    SP Blood Diamonds by James Newton Howard
    LP Cry Me a River by Arthur Hamilton
    Her coaches are Kylie Fennell, M. Mac Donald, K. Lewis, & G. Pracey. Her Choreographer is Monica MacDonald. She trains in Sydney, Australia.
    Her personal best score was 82.84, earned at JGP Brisbane last year. She is the New Zealand national junior champion.
    Her SP from 2011 JGP Brisbane

    Alisson Krstle Perticheto PHI
    SP OK Tokyo by Rodrigo Y. Gabriela
    LP Prince of Egypt (soundtrack)
    Her Coach: is Peter Grütter, her Choreographer is Merovee Ephrem . She trains in Geneva, Switzerland, and in Oberstdorf, Germany.
    This is her debut in JGP competition.
    Alisson is the current Philippines junior champion.
    She performed at the Gala of the 2011 European Championships!
    Here she is at the Phillipines National Championship last fall

    Ji Hyun Byun KOR
    SP Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
    LP Ballet Egyption
    Her coach and choreographer is Chi Hyn Jung.
    This is her JGP debut.
    Her SP from Korean Nationals 2012

    So Youn Park KOR
    SP Pantoum for Piano
    LP West Side Story (musical) by L. Bernstein
    Her coach & choreographer is Hyun Jung Chi.
    Her personal best was 144.71 at JGP Trofeo W. Lombardi 2011
    She won the Asian FS Trophy 2012 Taipei in seniors earlier this month, and she placed 4th in juniors the Youth Olympic Games earlier this year.
    Her short program from Trofeo W. Lombardi 2011

    Brittany Lau SIN
    SP Blood Theme Dexter by Daniel Light
    LP Legends of the Fall (soundtrack) by James Horner
    Her Coaches are Diane Ronayne & Tom Hickey. Her Choreographers are Phillip Mills & Scott Brown. She trains in San Francisco.
    Her personal best was 87.10, earned at JGP SBC Cup in 2010. She is the national senior champion of Singapore. She placed 28th at Four Continents.
    Her SP at JGP Baltic Cup in 2011

    Nicole Rajicova SVK
    SP Malaguena by Ernesto Lecuona
    LP Liebestraum by Franz Liszt
    Her coach is Steve Rice, and her choreographers are Nikolai Morozov & Mark Mitchell. She trains in the US, in Boston and in New Jersey. She is the Slovakian senior silver medallist.
    She placed 11th at Golden Spin of Zagreb in 2011.
    This event is her debut to JGP competition.
    A video of the medal ceremony at her national championships

    Josefine Taljegard SWE
    SP West Side Story (soundtrack) by Leonard Bernstein
    LP Once Upon a Time in the West (soundtrack) by Ennio Morricone
    Her coach is Maria Taljegard, and her Choreographe is: Kim Zandvoort .
    Her personal best score was 117.48, earned at JGP Volvo Cup 2011.
    She is the Swedish bronze medallist in junior competition.
    She was most recently the bronze medallist at the Coupe de Printempe 2012 Luxemburg.
    Her short program from Volvo Cup

    Tina Stuerzinger SUI
    Her ISU bio has not been updated with her new music.
    Her coach is Gheorghe Chiper, and her choreographers are Sandra Schar and David Wilson.
    Her personal best score was 116.02, scored at JGP Volvo CUp.
    She placed 7th at Swiss Senior Nationals, 23rd at World Junior Championships last year, and 8th at the Youth Olympics Innsbruck in juniors.
    Her Jr Worlds SP

    Melanie Swang THA
    SP Concerto in A Minor by Edward Grieg; Asia Minro by Kokomo
    LP Il Postino (soundtrack) by Luis Bacalov
    Her coaches are Dianne De Leeuw and Sondre Holmes. Dianne De Leeuw is her choreographer.
    Her personal best score was 97.53 at JGP Brasov 2011.
    She finished 20th at Four Continents last year, and 21st at the World Junior Championships.
    Her SP from Cup of Brasov
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