I would expect to see Aldridge and Eaton USA win this event, especially since Kosigina & Moroshkin RUS had a rather lackluster season last year. However, the new rules for grading the pattern dance in the SD were a problem for Papadakis & Cizeron last week, and I would not be at all surprised to see some other team than Aldridge & Eaton leading after the SD. Alexandra & Daniel won their section in the SD at Lake Placid IDC, so I do not expect to see them outside the top three in the SD, however. I think I would still expect Kosigina & Moroshkin to finish second, rather than Morozova & Zhirnov RUS, partially due to Evgenia & Nikolai's greater level of experience, and partially due to the fact that they spent time with Igor Shpilband this summer, polishing their technical levels.

It's either possible Bruser & Lum of CAN or Pogrebinsky & Gudis USA might sneak in for the bronze, if Morozova & Zhirnov falter. Both teams did well in their summer competitions. My expectations of Pogrebinsky & Gudis are based on the fact that they actually edged out Aldridge & Eaton in the FD at Lake Placid IDC, due to Aldridge and Eaton making a major error in their program.

The most unpredicatable team here would be Poulin & Servant CAN. They performed beautifully to win the Canadian Nationals in the junior division last year, and then made mistake after mistake, finishing last at Junior Worlds. They withdrew from their Summer Competition in Quebec. Consequently, it's hard to know what to expect from them--whether diamonds or dust. They could medal or finish last.

Alexandra ALDRIDGE / Daniel EATON USA
SD Pennsylvania 6-5000 performed by Brian Setzer Orchestra; Down Home Blues by Gene Harris
FD Fiddler on the Roof

Aldridge & Eaton are coached by A. Krylova, M. Scali, N. Deller, & E. Swallow Their Choreographer is Pasquale Camerlengo. Their previous coach was Seth Chafetz, the coach Davis & White had before they moved to Michigan. Alex & Daniel are the reigning US junior champions and World junior bronze medallists.
Their personal best total score of 141.41 was recorded at Jr Worlds last year.
They recently won the SD for their section at LPIDC with a score of 52.17. However, they had a few problems in the FD, finishing 2nd in their section with a score of 65.69.

Here's their Junior Worlds FD to Lord of the Dance
Here's their 2012 LPIDC SD
and their FD

Golden Skate did an interview with them last year

Evgenia & Nikolai are coached by the team of Gorshkov & Shpilband. Their choreographer is Victor Kanevski.
Their personal best total score is 126.92, recorded at JGP Pokal der Blauen Schwerter in 2010
They finished 5th at Russian Junior Nationals, a step down from their third place finish of the year before. as a result, they did not go to Junior Worlds.
SD Blues and Swing: Lord of the Dance - Capone by Ronan Hardiman
FD Michael Jackson Medley

A Golden Skate article about their 2010 JGP event.

Their FD from Russian Junior Nationals in 2012

SD Swing ; Blues
FD Tristan and Isolde

Daria & Mikhail are coached by the team of Svinin & Zhuk. Their choreographer is Alena Samarskaia.
Their personal best was 114.29, scored at the JGP Volvo Cup last year, where they finished 5th. They won the Month Blanc Trophy last year.

Their FD from Russian Junior Nationals in 2012

SD Hip Hop: Overpowerd by Roisin Murphy; Blues: The Blues by Mr. De; Hip Hop: Cry Baby by Roisin Murphy
FD Mazurka by Aram Khatchaturian; Romance by Aram Khatchaturian; Waltz by Aram Khatchaturian

This team is coached by Alexei Kiliakov, Elena Novak & Dmytri Ilin Their Choreographer is : Elena Novak. This is their international debut.
They recently competed at LPIDC, finishing 4th in their section of the SD with a score of 44.69. and winning their section of the FD with a score of 69.68.

Their last year's FD

Noa BRUSER / Timothy LUM CAN
SD Big and Bad by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy; Save My Soul by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
FD Jack Sparrow theme (from Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer; Moonlight Serenade by Klaus Badelt; He's a Pirate (from Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer

Their coach/choreographer team is Wing & Lowe
They placed 3rd in Juniors at Canadian Nationals
Their highest international score was 115.56 at Baltic Cup, where they placed 6th.
They recently won the SD for their section at LPIDC with a score of 46.38, but finished 4th in the FD with a score o f 65.74..

This year's SD from BC/YT Summer Skate

Their FD from BC/YT Summer Skate

Andreanne POULIN / Marc-Andre SERVANT CAN
SD Mars vs Venus by Usher; Without You by David Guetta ft. Usher
FD American Empirical Pictures by Alexandre Desplat; Mr. Fox in the Fields by Alexandre Desplat; Cains Lubus by Alexandre Desplat; Whack-Bat Majorette Ensemble by Alexandre Desplat

Their coaches are Coach: Shawn Winter & Elise Hamel, and their Choreographer is Shae Zukiwsky
They are the reigning Canadian Junior Champions.
Here is the Golden Skate article about their victory, with a nice photo:

They placed 20th at Junior Worlds last year. Their highest international total score is 118.00, scored at JGP Pokal der Blauen Schwerter in 2010. Andreanne & Marc-Andre withdrew from Quebec Summer Skate.

Their SD at Canadians earlier this year

Sara AGHAI / Jussiville PARTANEN FIN
SD Trouble by Elvis Presley
FD Egyptic by Beats Antique; feres by Natacha Atlas; Sharm-elSheikh by Zamalek Musicians

Aghai & Partanen are the Finnish junior champions.
Wing & Lowe are both their coaches and choreographers.
They finished 16th at the last Junior Worlds
Their highest total score, internationally, was recorded at Junior Worlds..
They recently finished 6th in their section of the SD at LPIDC with a score of 39.98, and 7th in their section of the FD with a score of 57.94.

Their FD from Junior Worlds

SD Swing: Don't Mess With My Man by Nadja; Blues Me and Mr. Jones by May Winehouse
FD Polovetstian Dances from Prince Igor by Alexander Borodin

They train with Coach: Anjelika Krylova, E. Punsalan, M. Scali and N. Deller. Their Choreographers are Anjelika Krylova & Kaie Korb
They are the reigning Estonian Junior champions.
They finished 4th in their section of the SD at LPIDC with a score of 42.67, and 8th in their section of the FD with a score of 56.00
This is their JGP debut.
They placed 9th at the Santa Claus cup last year.

Johanna used to compete in singles

Madeline HERITAGE / Nathaniel FAST USA
SD Blues; Give Me one Reason by Tracy Chapman
FD Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles; Blackbird by The Beatles; Yesterday by The Beatles

Heritage & Fast are coached by the team of Pamela & Jonathon O'Dougherty. Their Choreographer is Pamela O'Dougherty. They finished 5th at US Nationals in Juniors last year. Their best international score of 104.72 was recorded at JGP Brisbane last year, where they finished 5th. They also finished 5th in their section of the LPIDC competition with a score of 58.73.

Their SD from Brisbane:

SD Summertime by Geroge Gershwin; The Mask (soundtrack)
FD The Phantom of the Opera (musical) by A. L. Webber

There are no videos of this team on youtube. JGP Lake Place is their international debut.

SD Blues: St James Infirmary by Huhg Laurie; Swing: Vive Le Swing Music
FD Sarabande Suite

Their coach & choreographer is Anjelika Krylova.
They finished 5th at the Ukrainian senior championships. This is their JGP debut.

There are no videos of this team on youtube. JGP Lake Place is their international debut.