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    I lost the link but her former gym is furious. She has PR but what she told Oprah has blown up another bridge (calling her vet dad in Afghanistand a dead beat was her first too truthful utterance). I said get her PR fast.

    It isn't helping. She now prefers "Gabrielle" and could make 90 million. I keep reading that figure but from who? Phelps is worth about 40 mil they say after 4 Olympics and a squeaky clean rep. She basicly said her former gym mates called her a "slave" and told her to "wipe down the bar." They are beside themselves and basically calling her a terrible liar. I guess she thought Oprah needed to hear some racism? Why would she think this would be good to say. I can see if kids might have been teasing in VA saying stupid things if this is the truth, but why is she not talking about the family (while) in Iowa that really made her dreams come true? There is something about this kid from all the coverage that was a little off. maybe the others just had more maturity, except for Mackayla who spawned viral videos and parodies with her silver medal "look" after blowing her vault. It was funny and well honest. She isn't the first to look annoyed with silver but what a look. The Fierce 5 has a couple of divas.

    I am disappointed in Abby and wonder if she will be a hot commodity. Carly Patterson was not. and she was very PC. Anyone see this interview? It likely is on Youtube by now.


    The Oprah interview is on Aunt Joyce and a response from her former Gym, Excalibur, who trained her and who is still owed much money for training a kid like gabby, talented, no money. Then there is a heated exchange that covers every aspect that makes people question which is the real story and every aspect of Oprah's interview. I feel Abby is trying to please Oprah, and her PR people are trying to bring controversy. They are not helping her marketability, as one person said. It leaves one with questions and a bad taste. gabby is cocky and apparently this was an issue with her teammates after being chosen for Olympics. I saw it from interview one. Her confidence was like that of tara Lipinski, except Tara was floored to win the olympics, while gabby felt it was clearly God's destiny for her. Her two families felt that way too. She is calm, cool, collected and very self possessed. I think Oprah did her no favors, but many are not watchinh OWN. A good thing, I think. Very disappointing product, imho. Any still following the champions, what do you think after watching all this?
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