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Thread: Seeking donations for my local ice rink

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    Seeking donations for my local ice rink

    My local ice rink has had a run in with thieves who stole copper:
    The non-profit group of volunteers that runs the old rink has $10,000 in the bank. That's enough to cover the $4,600 for the wiring, but not necessarily the labor and other repairs now needed to bring it up to code. That money was earmarked for the long-term goal of one day building a new year-round rink.

    "This type of event breaks us and makes it impossible for us to keep going," Sutherland said.

    Wiping out the account for the repairs could make it impossible to pay the other bills to keep the rink going. There's some fear it could be the end. Yuriy Petruncio makes it clear how he would feel if that happens.
    A good friend of mine is one of the volunteers and I can tell you that they have worked really hard (and on a shoe-string budget) to keep it going. So I hate this theft to prevent them from operating this winter.

    More information on what happened plus how people can help on the rink's website (
    Monday night, the Yakima Ice Rink was broke into by thieves who cut and stole all of the major electrical wire that runs our compressor, pump, cooling tower and more. They also cut many of the major power lines inside the fuse boxes and took our tools.

    As many of you know, the ice rink is our ONE and ONLY community ice rink here in Yakima and is run by volunteers. It provides all the public skating, ice hockey and figure skating to the community.

    This break in very much hinders our ability to start the rink up for the community this fall. That said it doesn’t mean we are going to give up. Thanks to KIMA News and the internet we are working hard to spread the word. Our hope is that people will have something (anything) to offer to help. Here is a quick list of things we need and ways you can help.

    We need:

    Licensed Electricians
    Electrical Supplies (TBD)
    Financial contributions

    If you can help, please email us here and provide your name, phone number and how you can help.

    OR click Donate below to GIVE a financial contribution to the cause (no matter how small).
    A poster on FSU (who happens to be Sean Rabbit's dad and a director for Glacier Falls FSC) has graciously got the ball rolling over there. Glacier Falls also donated $500 toward the cause and is challenging other FSC and others in the figure skating community to donate as well.

    So I thought I would seek the help of my friends here at Golden Skate. No donation or help is too small!

    PM if you have any questions.

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    There is a donate tab on their site.

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