When the forum was reformatted, the men's preview was lost. I predicted Josh Farris would be way ahead, and here, after the SP, he is. This is a little brief, since quite a lot of the info only existed in the original, lost preview. I apologize.

In any case, here's the info I have on the competitors:

Joshua Farris USA
Coach: Christy Krall, Damon Allen Choreographer: Damon Allen
SP Suite for Solo Cello No 1 in G Major: Prelude by Yo-Yo Ma
LP Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, op. 18 III: Allegro Scherzando by Van Cliburn, Fritz Reiner
Second place at Junior Worlds, where he scored his personal best of 221.97
Third place Junior Grand Prix Finals
16th in Seniors at US Nationals
Joshua's SP from the Vail Invitational in July

Keiji Tanaka JPN
SP Afro Freak
LP The Untouchables (soundtrack) by Ennio Morricone
Coach: Yusuke Hayashi, Utako Nagamitsu Choreographer: Kenji Miyamoto
Personal best 196.88 World Junior Championship 2012, where he finished 7th.
He is the Japanese national Junior silver medallist
He qualified for the JGPF last year, where he finished 6th.
His SP from Junior Worlds 2012

June Hyoung Lee KOR
Coach: Hyun Jung Chi :
SP Capone
LP Who Wants to Live Forever by Queen

Personal best 176.48 at ISU JGP Trofeo W. Lombardi 2011
He finished 18th at Junior Worlds.
He was fourth at the Youth Olympic Games 2012 in Innsbruck with a total score of 160.99, and was
third at the Junior Asian FS Trophy 2012 Taipei City 2012..
Here's his LP from the Asian FS 2012 Trophy

Martin Rappe GER
SP The Sicilian Clan by Ennio Morricone
LP Backdraft (soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer
Coach: Monika Scheibe Choreographer: Iwo Svec

He scored his personal best of 171.38 at the WJC where he finished 11th.
He finished 3rd in Germany in Seniors last season.
Here's Martin's SP from the World Junior Championships 2012

Roman Sadovsky CAN
Coach: Tracy Wainman Choreographer: Gregor Filipowski
SP Live and Let Die by David Garrett; James Bond theme - Tomorrow Never Dies Mix
LP Heart of the King (from The Man in the Iron Mask soundtrack) by Nick Glennie Smith
Roman is just up from Novices. He competed in the Challenge Cup in The Hague this last March as a Novice, and won the competition.
Here's his winning LP

Taichi Honda JPN
SP Hernando's Hideaway by Franck Pourcel
LP Casablanca (soundtrack) by Max Steiner
Coach: Mie Hamada, Yamato Tamura, Yoko Niino Choreographer: Tom Dickson, Kenji Miyamoto
Taichi also competed as a Novice in the Challenge Cup this last March. He finished second, behind Roman Sadovsky, with a score of 145.11.
Here is his LP:

Jordan Dodds AUS

He is also competing in pairs, here.

SP Jealousy Tango by J. Gade
LP Romeo and Juliet by Craig Armstrong
Escape by Craig Armstrong
His coach & choreographer is Maragaret Nicholls.
He was 15th in Cup of Nice

Chi-I Tsao TPE
Coach: Shih-Hao Lu, Gui-Fang Zhu Choreographer: Shih-Hao Liu
SP Otchi Tchor Ni Ya, Sing, Sing, Sing
LP Dark Angel; Secret ; Requiem For a Tower
Personal best 133.24 at JGP Brisbane, where he finished 11th. He was 23rd at the World Junior Championships, and was second in Juniors at the Asian FS Trophy 2012 Taipei City. This was earlier in August. He earned a total score of 148.68 there.
Here is his LP from that competition:
He also competes in in-line skating.

Victor Zubik FIN
SP Hallelujah Instrumental by Leonard Cohen
LP Tequila by The Champs; Fraternity Waltz by The Champs; Limbo Rock by The Champs; La Cucaracha by The Champs
Coach: Eva Vilen, Svetlana Kriukova Former Coach: Anna Levandi, Irina Kononova
Personal best total score 138.97 JGP Tallinn 2012
Victor competed as a Senior at the 2012 Challenge Cup this spring, where he finished 15th with a score of 121.97.
Here is his SP from JGP Tallinn

Jack Newberry GBR
SP Hugo (soundtrack) by Howard Shore
LP How To Train Your Dragon (soundtrack) by John Powell
Coach: Christian Newberry Choreographer: Slava Uchitel (SP), Christian Newberry (FS)
117.54 JGP Tallin 2011
3rd Jr Nationals
Here's Jack's SP from Tallinn
Jack competed at Liberty this summer, where he finished fourth in the LP, with a score of 90.63.

Harry Hau Lin Yee HKG
SP Kiss the Rain by Yiruma
LP League of Legends
Coach: Ying Zhao Choreographer: Phyllis Lee
He recently competed in the Asian FS Trophy, where he finished 4th with a score of 123.84.
He competed as a Senior at 4CC's this last year, where he finished 25th.
Here is his short program from 2011 JGP Austria, where he achieved his highest ISU total of 115.00

SP Carmina Burana (O Fortuna)
This is the first time I remember seeing an Irish junior boy. He has a youtube account, and has put up a video of himself doing a triple lutz.
Here's a video of his SP for this year, taken in practice.

Artem Tsoglin ISR
SP Hava Nagila
LP The Artist (soundtrack)
Artem is just up from Novices. Here is a video of his Novice LP at the 2012 Nesquick Cup in Torun, where he finished second.
He competed in Juniors at Liberty this summer, and finished 12th in the free skate was a score of 64.61.

Bryan Christopher Tan MAS
SP Avengers Assemble (soundtrack)
LP Tango de Roxane (from Moulin Rouge soundtrack)
Coach: Lu Chen, Feng Pan Gao Choreographer: Lu Chen
Here's his SP from the 2010 Malaysian championships
He was 5th in the Istanbul Cup in Juniors in 2011.

Michael Christian Martinez PHI
SP Night in Paris by Josh Vietti
LP King Arthur (soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer
Coach: Ilia Kulik, John Nicks Choreographer: Phillip Mills
165.10 at 2012 WJC. He finished 15th
His SP from the Glacier Falls Summer Competition

No ISU bio
He finished 11th at Russian Junior Nationals this year with a score of 162.73
This video spells his first name Adyan
Here he is at the Russian cup Final in 2012

Vladislav Tarasenko RUS
Coach: Alexei Mishin Choreographer: Irina Sharonova
Isu bio not updated
Personal best 161.70 Baltic Cup
He was 7th at Russian Junior Nationals
His LP from Baltic Cup 2011

Coach: John Zimmermann, Silvia Fontana, Tracey Damigella Choreographer: Silvia Fontana
S{ Spectres in the Fog (from The Last Samurai soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer
LP Beethoven Symphony No 5 arranged by Danney Alkana
Silver medallist in Thai seniors
Personal best 78.75 JGP Brasov 2011
His LP from JGP Brasov

Yaroslav Paniot UKR
Coach: Viacheslav Zagorodniuk Choreographer: Alena Turaeva-Stetskaia
SP Waltz Masquarade by Aram Khatchaturian
LP Mix
Personal best 132.55, Youth Olympic Games, where he finished 9th.
His free skate from Dnepr 2011
He was a participant in the Youth Olympic games, where he finished 9th with a score of 132.55.

Spencer HOWE USA
Spencer has no ISU bio, as yet, but he has a bio at icenetwork.
SP Tango de Roxanne by Craig Armstrong
LP Romeo & Juliet medley by Craig Armstrong
His coaches are Wendy Olson, Danelle Cole, Renee Roca, and his Choreographer is Ivan DinevHe is the US 2012 bronze medallist in novices.

James Schetelich USA
Coach: Debbie Davis Choreographer: Kristine Bingham Nielsen
SP Rich Man's Frug by Cy Coleman
LP Selections from The Mission (soundtrack) by Ennio Morricone
James won the Junior Men's free skate at Liberty this summer, with a score of 107.74
He is the 2012 US novice silver medallist.
Here's his Novice LP from 2011 from the NY State Games