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Thread: How are the US Juniors viewed?

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    How are the US Juniors viewed?

    We have skaters and people who understand CoP far better than I do, or likely will. I watch for who I find beautiful and who moves me. It is getting harder to find skaters who actually move me. In exhibition skating, I can enjoy Patrick, with few jumps, no falls, no Chanflation. There were programs last year and skaters that did beautiful proframs, and the skaters did well. So, it is possible.

    My favorite programs last year, that did move me, and were winners were Black Swan and Carolina's LP. Actually, these two skaters performed the heck out of their sp's which were quirky and similar. I rewatch these, so I know I like it. I also am not a big l
    Leonova fan, but she was quite the pirate in her sp. It is so energetic, and Alena is a skater I know like, first season. I hated the LP and found all the frenetic point pulling ugly. I am just saying what I like. I like Zhang's SP and am glad she is keeping it.

    I am just giving my taste in Ladies singles, my favorite discipline. Because the shingles have not gone away, my friends in Cafe know this, I am now following, with you, the JGP. I am limited to performances on the internet. Courcheval was dismal for the ladies, but we have Joshua and Jason on the men's podium. It is a long wait for Nathan Chen to grow up, so I guess these are our next two hopefuls? I am not a big fan of Dornbush, and Armin is OK, but other than Dai and Florent, I like a taller single skater for the beautiful lines (which is getting rare). I have a number of senior men I think are amazing. Javier, Florent, Artur, Hanyu. And the veterans, Evan, Weir, Plush, Joubert, Dai and Chan of course. (He is a veteran as he has been so high on the radar for so long...)

    What do you all think of these two young men? Soon (how soon?) they will be on the senior circuit. As juniors, how good are they, breaking down the aspects they are getting judged on? Is men's skating still in the hands of Lysacek and Weir? No one is talking about these guys the way Gracie was buzzed about as a junior two years ago... Could those who know men's skating comment on these two who landed on the Podium in the first two JGP's. Thanks...y'all have a huge collective knowledge.
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