Farris's build is like Abbott but his facial features are more like Joubert IMO. But as he is just 17 his build could still change, he's awfully thin right now and you wonder if it will stay that way. Anyways Abbott is really good looking too, at least I think so, his constant pukey face just distracts from it . I wonder if Jason got a haircut what he would look like...I think he's potentially really handsome in a crunchy jewish boy way but I can't picture him with a short hair do so it's hard to say.

Chan was once a developing junior skater too you know...at a younger age than Jason is now, but everyone peaks at different ages. I just hope that Jason can get the 3a and a quad so that he doesn't end up having already peaked before he turns 18.

Anyways I'm prepared for the 2014 Olympic team to be Johnny, Evan, and Jeremy regardless of if they earn it or not so I don't want to get my hopes up. Hopefully Farris and Brown can make the team in 2018 but who knows, we have wunderkid Nathan Chen who will grow up one of these years and I'm sure some new young hopeful will emerge between now and then like they always seem to.