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    JGP Austria 2012 Ice Dance Preview

    Most of the teams who will compete at Linz, Austria are ones we have not seen at the two previous jgp events. There are only two teams at Linz whom we have already seen on the Junior Grand Prix this season: Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron, the winners at Courchevel, and Viktoria Kavaliova & Yurii Bieliaiev, who placed ninth at Courchevel.

    Papadakis & Cizeron are perhaps the favorites for the win, but they will have stiff competition from Anna Yanovskaia & Sergei Mozgov, the winners of last year's Youth Olympics 2012 junior dance competition at Innsbruck. Yanovskaia & Mozgov finished just ahead of Papadakis & Cizeron at Junior Worlds last year. In Papadakis & Cizeron's favor is that they have had their Blues Pattern Dance critiqued by international judges, and have had 2 weeks to fix any problems, an opportunity that Yanovskaia & Mozgov had not had.

    Behind these two very strong teams are a crop of young teams, and one experienced team: Shari Koch & Christian Nüchtern GER .

    I expect to see the fight for the bronze to be between Alexandra Nazarova & Maxim Nikitin of UKR, who won the silver medal at the Youth Olympics, and Maria Simonova & Dmitriy Dragun of RUS, who placed third at the Youth Olympics. These are quite young teams, and might find themselves beaten by experience in the persons of Shari Koch & Christian Nüchtern of Germany. They placed ninth at the World Junior Championships last year, and have a good chance to score well here. I have always liked Shari & Christian's skating, and I'm rooting for them for the bronze.

    The Americans (Rachel & Michael Parsons who placed fourth at the Youth Olympic Games, and Whitney Miller & Kyle Macmillan) and the Canadian team (Mackenzie Bent & Garrett McKeen, who won a bronze at JGP Brasov last year) competing here in Austria are very young teams that I do not expect to medal. Of the three, I expect the best placement from Bent & McKeen, who might challenge for the bronze.

    A team that might have done better than you'd expect are Kim & Minov of Korea, who train with Zhulin. Although Kim is not yet as accomplished as Minov, their video for the Korean selection committee was quite impressive, in my opinion. Unfortunately, they have been removed from the entry roster.

    Again, I expect to see the technical calling of the Blues Pattern Dance key points to have a big impact on the order of finish in the Short Dance.

    Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron FRA
    SD Minnie the Moocher & The Dirty Boogie
    FD Pink Floyd medley; Money & Hey You.
    Coach & Choreographer: Catherine Papadakis
    Guillaume & Gabriella are both 17.
    Gabriella & Guillaume recently won 2012 JGP Courchevel, and finished 5th at the 2012 Junior World Championships where they earned their best ever total score, 138.70
    Their SD from Courchevel in HD, where they finished second with a score of 52.25.
    Their FD from Courchevel in HD, which they won with a score of 78.88

    Anna Yanovskaia & Sergei Mozgov RUS
    Anna is 15 and Sergeiy is 17. They have not as yet announced their programs this season.
    Their coaches are : Svetlana Alexeeva, Elena Kustarova, & Olga Riabinina, and their choreographer is Elena Kustarova.
    Anna & Sergei won the Youth Olympics Games 2012 with their personal best score of 146.96. They qualified for the Junior Grand Prix Final last year, winning the silver medal, with a score of 136.61, and finished 4th at Junior Worlds, with a score of 140.63. They also placed 4th at Russian Junior Nationals last year.
    Their FD from the Junior Grand Prix Final.

    Shari Koch & Christian Nüchtern GER
    Christian is 20, and Shari will be turning 19 later this month.
    Their ISU bio has not been updated this season.
    Their coach is Oleg Ryzhkin, and their choreographer is Rostislav Sinicyn.
    Their best ever personal score was 124.35 at JGP Trofeo W. Lombardi last season, where they finished 4th.
    Their World Junior Championships FD, where they finished 9th
    Their performance at the Musicals on Ice 2012 show to The One That I Love

    Alexandra Nazarova & Maxim Nikitin UKR
    SD Blues: Gota Broken Heart by Walter Trout; Swing Set
    FD Gopher Mambo; Habanera; Malambo
    Their coaches are Galina Churilova and Mariana Kozlova. Their choreographer is Larisa Fiodorova.
    Alexandra is 15, and Maxim is 17.
    They achieved their personal best score of 131.68 at the Youth Olympic Games 2012, where they won the silver medal in juniors.
    They have rather different hobbies. Alexandra likes sky diving & swimming, while Maxim collects insects.
    Their FD from NRW Ice Dance 2011, where they finished 5th.

    Maria Simonova & Dmitriy Dragun RUS
    SD Blues; Swing
    FD The Nightmare Before Christmas (soundtrack)
    Their coach is Oleg Sudakov, and their choreographer is Elena Maslennikova.
    Maria is 16, and Dmitriy is 18.
    They finished 7th at Russian Junior Nationals, and placed 3rd at the Youth Olympics Games 2012 in Innsbruck last year, where they earned their personal best score of 125.22.
    Their SD from Russian Nationals.

    Mackenzie Bent & Garrett McKeen CAN
    Their programs:
    SD Bues: History Is Made At Night by Marc Shaiman; Swing: I Never Met A Wolf Who Didn't Love
    FD Misterio Y Fuego performed by Ensemble Vivant
    \Mackenzie is 15, and Garrett is 18.
    Their coaches and choreographers are Carol and Jon Lane, and Juris Razgulajevs
    Their highest ever ISU score was 120.69, obtained at JGP Brasov last season, where they won the bronze medal. They were fourth in juniors at Canadian Nationals last year.
    They finished second in their section at Lake Placid IDC last month, with a score of 46.27, and fifth in the FD in their section, with a score of 63.34.
    Their last year's FD from JGP Brasov:

    Rachel Parsons & Michael Parsons USA
    SD Hip-Hop: 4 Minutes by Justin Timberlake, Madonna; Blues: Cyber Shanty Town Blus by Christian HipHop Factory
    FD Walpurgis Night Faust Three Nymphs by Charles Gounod
    Rachel is 14, and Michael is 16.
    Rachel & Michael finished 3rd in their section at Lake Placid IDC in the SD with a score of 43.43 , and second in the FD, with a score of 63.83.
    Their international personal best score of 114.22 was achieved at the Youth Olympics Games. They finished in fourth place in Juniors at US Nationals in juniors last season, and placed 15th at Junior Worlds.
    Their FD from the World Junior Championships

    Christine Smith & Simon Eisenbauer AUT
    Their ISU biography has not yet been updated. They are very young; Christine just turned 15 while Simon is still 14.
    Their coaches are Oliver Pekar & Jana Huebler, and their choreographer is Jana Huebler.
    They are the Junior Champions of Austria.
    Their best international score, achieved at JGP Austria last year, was 79.50.
    They were ninth at the 2012 Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck.
    Their FD from last year's JGP Austria

    Viktoria Kavaliova & Yurii Bieliaiev BLR
    SD Blues to Summertime by Tim Gonzalez; Swing to Man With a Hex by the Atomic Fireballs
    FD I Would Do Anything for Love by Meatloaf
    Viktoria is 18, and Yurii is 19.
    Their Coaches are Tatiana Bieliaeva, Elena Kustarova, and Olga Riabinina. Their choreographers are J. Gorbatenkova and A. Tolstik
    Their personal best score of 111.34 was obtained last season at JGP Baltic Cup last season.
    The team finished 9th at Courchevel with a score of 101.63, finishing ninth in both the SD and FD.
    Their Courchevel SD:
    Their Courchevel FD

    Shiyue Wang & Xinyu Liu CHN
    SD Blues: Feeling Good; Hip-Hop: Walk This Way
    FD Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
    Shiyue is 18, and Xinyu is 17.
    Their coach is Guiyu Huang, and their choreographers are Elvin Wong and Chongbo Gao.
    This is their international debut. They were fifth in Seniors at last year's Chinese Nationals.
    Their FD from the 2012 Chinese National Winter Games last January

    Wang & Liu have been removed from the entry roster.

    Karolina Prochazkova & Michal Ceska CZE
    They report their programs for this season are the same as last season's, and that cannot be right.
    Karolina is 18, and Michal just turned 20 this month.
    Their coaches are Rostislav Sinicyn and Natalia Karamyseva, and their choreographers are Rostislav Sinicyn and Igor Tchinaev
    This is their third year on the JGP. Their best ever score was 116.81 at the Volvo Cup last year.
    They are the 2010 junior champions of Czech Republic, and placed third in seniors in the national championships last year. They competed at the World Junior Championships where they finished 21st. They won the 2012 Bavarian Open in Oberstdorf in juniors.
    Here's last season's FD to the Chicago soundtrack

    Magalie Leininger & Maxime Cauerl FRA
    Maxime & Magalie are both 17.
    Their ISU biography has not been updated this year.
    Their best total personal score of 90.86 was at the Volvo Cup last year.
    They were sixth in Juniors at the International Ice Dance Trophy in Lyon in 2012.

    Olivia Smart & Joseph Buckland GBR

    SD Swing Set by Jurassic 5; Blues: Feeling Good by Escala
    FD Tango In Ebony by Maksim, Julian Kershaw; Butterflies and Hurricanes by William Joseph
    Joseph will turn 20 in October. Olivia is 15.
    Their coaches are Evgeniy Platov and Philip Askew, & their choreographer is Philip Askew.
    Their best ever personal score was 106.46, earned at the World Junior Championships, where they placed seventeenth.
    They are the reigning British junior champions. They won the Nestle Nesquik Cup 2012 in Torun.
    Joseph's older brother Nicolas competes in senior ice dance with Penny Coomes.
    Their FD from Junior Worlds

    Liliána Király & Szabolcs Nagy HUN
    This team does not have an ISU bio as yet.
    They placed second in the 2011 Hungarian National Championships in juniors. This is their JGP debut.
    They placed 18th at the 2012 Bavarian Open with a total score of 72.05.
    Their 2012 FD:

    Kiraly & Nagy have been removed from the entry list.

    Alessia Busi & Andrea Fabbri ITA
    Their ISU bio needs updating.
    Alessia is 18, & Andrea is 19.
    They achieved their personal best of 101.79 at last year's JGP Austria.
    They are the Italian silver medallists in juniors, achieving a score there of 104.15.
    Their FD at the 2012 Italian Championships:

    Olga Jakushina & Aleksandr Grishins LAT
    Olga is 15, and Aleksandr is 18.
    They have not yet announced their programs for this season..
    Their coaches are Alexander Zhulin, Oleg Volkov, & Gennadi Akkerman, and their choreographer is Sergei Petukhov.
    They earned their personal best of 73.18 at JGP Tallinn last year.
    Their SD from the 2011 Volvo Cup

    Ayesha Campbell & Shane Speden NZL
    SD No One by Allicia Keys; Fallin by Allicia Keys
    FD Carol Ann by Michael W. Smith; Freedom Battle by Michael W Smith
    Ayesha is 19, and Shane is 20. Ayesha used to compete using the surnameYigit. .
    Their coach & choreographer is Monica McDonald.
    They earned their personal best score of 67.90 at Baltic Cup last season. They finished 17th at last year's World Junior Championship.
    They are the first couple to represent New Zealand in ice dance. They have been the New Zealand junior champions for the last 3 years.
    Here's their SD from JGP Brisbane last year:

    Rebecka Kim & Kirill Minov KOR
    SD Blues: Nobody's Business, Swing
    FD Midnight in Moscow by The Scorpions
    Rebecka is 14, and Kirill is 19.
    Their coaches & choreographers are Irina Svinin & Alexander Zhuk.
    This is their debut on the Junior Grand Prix.
    Their SD performed for the Korean Selection Trials in August
    Their FD performed for the Korean Selection Trials

    Kim & Minov have been removed from the entry list.

    Whitney Miller & Kyle MacMillan USA
    SD Hip-Hop: Beggin by Madcon; Blues: Forever Blue byVaya Con Dios;
    FD Mirror, Mirror (soundtrack) by Alan Menken
    Whitney & Kyle are both 14.
    Their coaches are Alexei Kiliakov, Elena Novak, & Dmytri Ilin. Their choreographer is Elena Novak
    They are the US National Novice Silver Medallists for 2012.
    They finished 5th in the Junior Short Dance in their section at Lake Placid IDC with a score of 41.77, and fourth in the FD with a score of 58.97.
    This is their international debut.
    There are no videos of Whitney and Kyle. Here's a photo from last year's sectionals:

    And a team has been added

    Aleksandra Katkova & Radoslaw Barszczak POL
    They have no ISU bio.

    Here they are skating their SD at 2012 Baltic Cup, where they finished fourth with a total score of 78.75.
    And their FD at the 2012 combined Czech, Polish & Slovak Nationals, where they finished fifth with a score of 82.14.
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