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    JGP Austria 2012 Ladies Preview

    There are 32 ladies competing at JGP Linz. It's a huge field comprising skaters with a wide range of abilities. Elena Radionova should easily win this competition, but it's difficult to know who should win the silver or the bronze.

    There are four ladies who have done really well in summer competitions, but who have either had injuries to recover from or are relatively unknown. Samantha Cesario USA appears to have recovered from her injuries and won the Libery Open in summer competition. Hannah Miller USA skated really really well at Skate Detroit. Maria Stavitskaia RUS did a really good job at the Russian Cup Test Skate earlier this month. Hinano Isobe JPN recently won the bronze at the Asian Figure Skating Trophy. And then there's Hae Jin Kim KOR who skated well last season, beating So Youn Park, who skated so well at Lake Placid JGP. Kim can do all five of the standard ladies' triples, and has done triple toe triple toe and tripleflip triple toe. I would predict that she would take the silver if it were not that she did not compete in the 2012 Asian Trophy.. Now I see her duelling with Hannah Miller for the silver, and if she perhaps is not her best shape, losing the bronze to Cesario in the Long Program.

    Risa Shoji JPN could be a dark horse here, too. I would be more enthusiastic about her chances if she had not bombed so badly last year at World Juniors.

    Elena Radionova RUS
    SP The Fifth Element (soundtrack) by Eric Serra
    LP And Finally I Love You soundtrack by D. Malikov; Country of Deaf soundtrack by A. Aygi
    Her coach is Inna Goncharenko. Her Choreographers are Irina Tagaeva, Elena Maslennikova, & Ilia Averbukh
    Elena scored 177.79 when she won JGP Courchevel 2012. That was her personal best score, since it was her very first ISU competition.
    She is 13. She won the bronze medal at Russian Junior Nationals.
    Her SP from Courchevel
    Her LP from Courchevel

    Maria Stavitskaia RUS
    Maria just turned 15.
    Maria's ISU biography has not been updated.
    She won the Cup of Nice in Juniors last year.
    She finished sixth at the Tallinn JGP with her personal best international score of 130.92.
    She finished tenth at the Russian Junior Championships with a score of 146.80.
    She did very well this month at the Russian Cup Test Skate in St. Petersburg, winning the short program in Juniors.
    Her LP from Russian Championships last December, where she finished eighteenth & last in Seniors.

    Samantha Cesario USA
    SP Carmen Fantasie by David Garrett
    LP Black Swan soundtrack by Clint Mansell
    Her coach is Mary Lynn Geldermann & her Choreographer is Inese Buciveca. She is just turned 19, and lost a great deal of last season due to injuries.
    Her ISU personal best of 153.84 was achieved at Baltic Cup 2011, where she finished third. She also finished third at JGP Tallinn last year.
    HerSenior LP from Liberty Summer competition 2012. She won the LP with a score of 103.68 She won the SP with a score of 54.55 (total 158.23)

    Hannah Miller USA
    SP Tango Tanguera by Sexteto Mayor
    LP The Storm by Balázs Havasi (modern piano & orchestra piece) . Hannah is 15.
    Her coach is Kirsten Miller-Zisholz. Her choreographers are Daniil Barantsev & Tanith Belbin
    Her ISU personal best score of 146.74 was scored at 2011 Trofeo W. Lombardi, where she finished third.
    Hannah's SP from Skate Detroit 2012 (she scored 56.72)
    Her LP from Skate Detroit, which she won with a score of 111.77.. (At Skate Detroit, her total score would be 168.49)

    Hae Jin Kim KOR
    SP La Boheme
    LP Sleeping Beauty by P. Tchaikovsky
    Her coach is Hea Sook Shin. She is 15.
    Her personal best of 149.71 was earned at last year's World Junior Championships, where she placed eighth. She won the bronze medal at JGP Brasov last season.
    Here is her LP from Korean Nationals, which she won in the Senior division. Her score was 167.73. She has won the Korean Senior Ladies event three seasons running. So Youn Park placed second there last year with 144.59. She won the Asian Trophy in Juniors last summer, but did compete in it this summer.

    Risa Shoji JPN
    SP Winter from Four Seasons by A. Vivaldi
    LP The Notebook (soundtrack)
    Risa is 16. Her coach is Naoki Shigematsu. Her choreographers are Kenji Miyamoto, & David Wilson
    Risa's personal best score was 157.83 from last year's JGP Tallin, where she placed second. She placed third at Japanese Nationals in Juniors
    Her LP from Junior Worlds, where she place twentieth:

    Hinano Isobe JPN
    SP Epilogue (from "Shaolin" soundtrack) by Nicolas Errera
    LP Golliwog's Cakewalk by Claude Debussy
    Her coaches are Mie Hamada, Yamato Tamura, & Yoko Niino. Her choreographer is Tom Dickson. She is 15.
    She finished seventh at the last Japanese Championships in Juniors. She won the bronze medal in Juniors at the 2011 Asian Trophy.
    Her score at Japanese sectionals was 147.26.
    I do not have any skating videos of hers.

    Natalia Popova UKR
    SP Pourquoi Me Reveiller by J. Massenet
    LP La Bayadere by L. Minkus
    Her coaches are Galina Zmievskaia & Viktor Petrenko. Her Choreographer is Nina Petrenko. She is 19.
    Natalie is the Senior Champion of Ukraine. She achieved her personal best score of 138.60 at the 2012 European Championships, where she placed twelfth. She placed seventeenth at SeniorWorlds
    Here is her SP from Europeans

    Sophie Almassy AUT
    Sophie is a skater who was an advanced novice last year. She is 15 years old.
    She scored 93.03 when she won the junior championship of Austria, scoring 93.03 .
    Here's her SP from Nov. 2011

    Levana Wu TPE
    Levana is the Taipei silver medallist. Her score in that competition was 67.29
    She finished second in the LP and third in the SP at Troy Summer Skate 2011 competition in Juniors. (Her total score: 91.31).
    She finished fourteenth at the recent Asian Figure Skating Trophy with a score of 72.63.
    Here's a video of Levana performing her LP in 2011.

    Jasmine Alexandra Costa EST
    Jasmine has not updated her programs for 2012-2013 season.
    Here coach is Anna Levandi , and her choreographers are Anna Levandi & Maria McLean. She is 18.
    She placed fourth in Seniors at her national championships.
    Her personal best score of 120.56 was earned at JGP Minsk 2009.
    Here's a video of Jasmine's SP at the Volvo Cup

    Agnese Garlisi ITA
    Agnese has not updated her ISU biography. She is 18.
    Her personal best score of 100.32 was achieved at JGP Austria last year.
    She finished fourth at Triglav Trophy this spring.
    Her SP from last year's Lombardia Trophy
    She placed ninth at last year's Italian championships.
    Here's her SP from the 2011 Lombardia Trophy

    Yuka Nagai JPN

    SP Liebestraum
    LP Polovtsian Dances by Borodin
    Last year, Yuka was the bronze medallist in novices in Japan.
    She won the bronze medal at Asian Trophy last month with a score of 132.90
    Her SP from last month's Asian Trophy
    Her LP from Asian Trophy

    Patricia Gleščič SLO
    Her ISU bio has not yet been updated this year.
    Coach: Gordana Smrekar Choreographer: Tina Svajger
    She is 18 years old.
    She was the 2011 Slovenian champion.
    Last season she was fifth at the Merano Cup.
    She achieved her personal best of 125.46 at the 2010 Cup of Austria.
    Her SP from last year's World Junior Championships, where she finished twentieth

    Nina Larissa Wolfslast AUT
    SP Illumination
    LP Memories by Edvin Marton; Secret Garden
    Her coach is Coach: Evelyn Rossoukhi-Schneider Choreographer: Inese Bucevica, Chika Maruta
    She is 18.
    Her personal best of 96.26 occurred at the Youth Olympic Games, where she finished 13.
    She finished nineteenth at the Bavarian Open.
    Her SP from the NRW Trophy this past spring

    Kristina Isabel Yntema AUT
    SP Ratatouille by Michael Giacchino
    LP Spartacus by Aram Khatchaturian
    Coach: Yulia Lavrenchuk Choreographer: Oksana Gorbatchev
    She is 13.
    Her SP from JGP Courchevel 2012, where she scored her personal best of 93.03, and finished seventeenth.

    Anais Claes BEL
    SP Any Other World by Mika
    LP Black Swan (soundtrack) by Clint Mansell
    Her coach and choreographer is Vera Vandercaveye. She is seventeen.
    She placed second at Belgian junior nationals. She placed thirty first last year at World Juniors.
    Her SP from Trofeo W. Lombardi in 2011, where she achieved her personal best of 82.03 and finished twenty seventh.

    Ziquan Zhao CHN
    SP Moonlight Sonata by Henry Mancini
    LP Black Swan by Clint Mansel
    She is 16. She trains in Harbin with her coaches : Mingzhu Li, Chengjiang Li, & Li Bao. Her choreographers are Hailan Jiang, & Elvin Huang
    She earned her personal best of 143.92 at last year's World Junior Championships, where she finished in eleventh place. She finished in fourth place last year at the Senior Chinese National Championships.
    She placed tenth at Courchevel JGP 2012.
    Here is her SP from Courchevel:

    Valentina Mikac CRO
    SP Two Guitars by Paul Mauriat
    LP La Bayadere (The Temple Dancer) by Leon Minkus
    Valentina is 15. She trains in Bratislava with her coaches Ivana Jakupcevic & Irakli Japaridze. Her choreographers are Diana Kuneva Franjkovic,& Ivana Jakupcevic.
    She is the Croatian Junior champion. She finished thirteenth at Triglav Trophy 2012. Her total score there was 83.95.
    Here is her LP from Skate Helena 2012

    Eliska Brezinova CZE
    SP El Dia Que Me Queiras (Tango) performed by Richard Clayderman
    LP Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (soundtrack); Geisha
    Eliska is the Czech Senior champion. She trains at Oberstdorf with K. Fajfr, I. Zvachtova, P. Starec, & R. Brezina. Her choreographer is Frank Dehne.
    She earned her personal best of 101.70 at JGP Czech Skate 2010. She finished eighteenth at last year's Europeans in the Preliminary Round, and so did not qualify for the final round of competition.
    She is the younger sister of Michal Brezina. She is 16.
    Here's her LP from the Three Nations National Championships 2012.

    Seidi Rantanen FIN
    SP Bohemian Rhapsody by Freddy Mercury
    LP Water for the Tribe by Keiko Matsui
    Seidi is 17. Her coaches are Virpi Horttana, Henna Hietala & Elina Ikonen. Her choreographers are Maria McLean & Sari Hakola
    She placed fourth last year in Seniors at Finnish Nationals. She won last season's Nordics in Juniors. This is her JGP debut.
    Here's her winning free program from the Nordics. She scored 77.82 for it.

    Nathalie Weinzierl GER
    SP Exodus performed by Maksim Mrvica Music
    LP Havana by Dave Grusin
    She is 18.
    Her score at 2012 Europeans is her ISU personal best score. It was 115.89
    Nathalie won the Bavarian Open 2012. She placed sixth in Seniors at German Championships.
    Here's Nathalie's LP from the NRW Trophy, where she scored a total of 134.6, competing in Seniors.

    Vala Rún B. Magnúsdóttir ISL
    SP Sous Le Ciel Du Paris by Paul Mauriat; Pdam Pdam by Paul Mauriat
    LP Waterland by Roberto Cacciapaglia; Times by Roberto Cacciapaglia
    Her coaches are Diddier Paillares & Asids Ros Clark. Her choreographers are S. Ahkmerova, G. Didier (SP), & A. Heinonen (FS). She is 15.
    This event is her JGP debut.
    She finished eighteenth in Juniors at Coupe de Printemps of Luxembourg this past spring.
    Here is her performance at Nordics 2012.

    Kristine Gaile LAT
    SP Concerto No. 1 by P. I. Tchaikovski
    LP Flying by John Powell
    Kristine has not filed a full ISU biography. This competition is her JGP debut. She is 15.
    She is just up from novices. Here is her Advanced Noviee program from Tukuma Cup 2012

    Inge Januleviciute LTUSP Danse Bacchanale from "Samson and Delilah" by Camille Saint-Saens
    LP Somewhere Over the Rainbow from "The Sounds of Music"
    Coach: Dmitri Kozlov Choreographer: Ingrida Snieskiene, Rasa Birbaliene
    She is 17
    Her personal best total score is 94.29 at JGP Tallinn 2011.
    She placed second in seniors at the last Lithuanian Championships.
    Her LP from JGP Tallinn 2011

    Mila Morellissen NED
    SP Soong Sisters
    LP Far and Away
    Mila's coach and choreographer is Susan Kraan-Akkerman.
    She placed second in Juniors in the Netherlands National Championship.
    Her free skate from the Challenge Cup.

    Camilla Gjersem NOR
    SP Come Together by The Beatles
    LP Butterfly Lovers by Vanessa Mae
    Coach: Berit Steigendal Choreographer: Kaja Hanevold
    She is 18. She is the Norwegian Senior Ladies Champion for 2012.
    Her twin sister Anne-Line is also a figure skater.
    Her SP from 2012 JGP Courchevel, where she obtained her personal best score of 105.32

    Monika Simancikova SVK
    SP Tango de Amor (from The Addams Family soundtrack by Andrew Lippa)
    LP Bacchanale from Samson and Delilah by Camille Saint-Saens
    Monika's Coach: is Vladimir Dvojnikov, and her Choreographer is Raffaella Cazzaniga. She is 16
    She finished fifteenth at last year's World Junior Championships. She is the Senior Slovak Champion.
    Her personal best was earned at Europeans 2012. It was 136.79.
    Monika's SP at Europeans 2012, where she finished fourteenth.

    Simonn Erwee RSA
    SP Out of Africa (soundtrack) by John Barry
    LP Sleeping Beauty by P. I. Tchaikovsky
    Simonn is 13. Her coach is Heather Ashley. This is her JGP Debut.
    Here's Simonn winning Juveniles in 2007:

    Gabriella Josefsson SWE
    SP Waltz No. 2
    LP Circus
    Her coaches are : Andrea Dohany & Askana Jolkin. Her choreographers are : Andrea Dohany & Tamara Kuchiki. Gabriella is 17.
    This year Gabriella Josefsson advanced to the junior level. For the second time she represented Sweden in the Nordic Championships, where she placed tentth.. She placed fourth in juniors in Norway this year. She will make her first JGP appearance here at Linz.
    Her free skate from Nordics 2012

    Laure Nicodet SUI
    SP Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso
    LP Smile - Modern Times (Charlie Chaplin soundtrack); The Gold Rush (Charlie Chaplin soundtrack); The Loving Mandolin (Charlie Chaplin soundtrack); Titine - Modenr Times (Charlie Chaplin soundtrack)
    Laure trains with coaches Myriam Loriol-Oberwiler & Philippe Pelissier. Her choreographer is Stephanie Ferrer-Pelissier.
    Her LP from The Challenge Cup last March, where she finished fourteenth. She will make her first JGP appearance at Linz.

    Promsan Rattanadilok Na Phuket THA
    SP Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
    LP La Strada (soundtrack) by Nino Rota
    Promsan is 13. Her coach is Sun Bun Park.
    She recently placed twelfth at the Asian Figure Skating Trophy. This is her first appearance on the JGP.
    I do not have a video of her.
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