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Radionova "If she can keep this up she’ll be the third Russian in a row to win the JGP Final and probably the third Russian in a row to win junior worlds too."

1. She can. She shows now about the same that she kept past season.

2. JGP Final - yes.

3. Junior Worlds - it is not so simple. There will be Lipnitskaia with improved jumping content (she needs the Junior Worlds for higher rating in her first Senior season - season of Olympics). And there are "GP Ladies" - Leonova, Makarova, Biryukova, Shelepen, Korobeynikova, Sotnikova, Tuktamysheva. Only two of them (Leonova, Makarova) are too old for Junior Worlds. If team for Euro/Worlds will be Leonova, Sotnikova, and (Tuktamysheva or Korobeynikova) (it is most probable) - (Korobeynikova or Tuktamysheva), Biryukova, Shelepen may also pretend to Junior Worlds.
At Senior Nationals past season Radionova was 5th, after Sotnikova, Lipnitskaia, Leonova, Makarova. Before Tuktamysheva (0,41 difference in score), and Korobeynikova, Shelepen, Biryukova - these three had not their best skating at these Nationals (more strictly - bad for them, 3 falls in Biryukova's FS for example).
I m sure Elena will receive high scores at nationals if she skates well considering she broke 120 points in her second long program since her debut on the international stage.(the same thing happened with Julia last season). If she keeps this consistency, she will have no problem surpassing Korobeynikova, Byriukova, Shelepen or even Makarova(who can't land a 3F or 3Lz cleanly). Sotnikova and Tuktamysheva are both question marks for me but if they skate well they will surpass Elena, at least this season. The same goes for Alena, IMO. My point is I can see Elena winning Jr worlds mostly because I don't see Sotnikova/Tuktamysheva going to Jr.Worlds.(most likely to worlds and even if they don't qualify, going back to Jr.Worlds will be a setback) Her main competitor will be Julia in my opinion