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Thread: I'm a new Barry Manilow fan

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    I'm a new Barry Manilow fan

    Barry, I learned can sell out almost, a 14,000 seat arena. I sent as I saw online the night before, that he was giving two free tickets (120.00 value) in the far end seats to anyone donating a new or gently used instrument to the school dept. As you know, music and arts are almost non existent many places. I had not been to a concert there in years as the arena seems to book little and its maybe Disney on Ice, Car burnout things, and is empty a lot except for our local semi- pro Hockey team. I was surprised he was coming (right before carrie Underwood) and so I took my mother. His 6 mo tour is finished but every singer/act that can sell out stadiums could do this or something. Write your favorite or any acts coming to your town/city/venue and ask to do the same. They got only 40 instruments. I could have sold it for more and I m poor because I'm disabled, but the picture in the paper made me happy because some poor kid will find joy in learning some chords and playing tunes. Music is cathartic at every level. My parents were not musical so i learned as a college student on my friend's guitar. Never very good, I could at least do chords as I sang. Barry is alone in this effort, I am surprised. But we have youth here who go to concerts, and skating events. I share the idea, so if just one GS poster or FSU (we have folks in common, yes?) can spread the idea, lives are enriched for the poorer kids, and the numbers are growing very quickly here in America. Anyone attend an event where the promoter is doing good to pay back their good luck?

    Why not contact promoter and suggest new or slightly used skates for 1 ticket, or a meet and greet ticket after show with a fave skater for really good skates, or a gif card for a free lesson. Our local rink is old, but some kid might be helped by fate. I know Scott did a lt with SOI in it's heyday. I have no idea if COI was as civic minded. In Asia, this would be so easy as skating is so popular in several countries, or parts of countries. Yuna alone could get Korea to tackle any problem. She herself is a giver, and I wonder wjhat movement in Korea she might be already a leader in. I love her generosity.

    In skating, I really like Mike Weiss as he is so civic minded. So if someone who should/could be sharing, and helping, let people know. Barry still sings great at 65. Made me sad for those we lost to drugs so young. If most of the rich touring folks did something like this, it could help every kid who wanted a musical instrument to get one. Just wanted to pass on the idea. Barry's demographic is , well, old, so maybe those closets/basements are long cleaned, but it was only on internet. Maybe if the paper did a story a few days before, we would get triple the amt. Someone gave an accordion. LOL. But some kid could have much fun I am sure. Every act should be encouraged to do something so easy...donate and ask the audience to bring an instrument, or skates. Local shows/comps go on despite collapse of touring shows. This might give rise to a Galindo, A Tai or Randy, fill in the blank. A pair of skates ( or a guitar) could change a life. I'm emailing Carrie's promoter to ask if she does something like this or something else to lead and involve her fans. I became a Gaga fan as she is very generous. Why is this so rare among mega rich? Please no "people can keep all their money if they want." Share constructive ideas you've seen, not be a mouthpiece for the selfish. We have plenty of those, and need no more.
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