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Thread: JGP Bosphorus 2012 Ladies Preview

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    JGP Bosphorus 2012 Ladies Preview

    The following listing of information is in the start order for the Ladies Short Program. JGP Bosphorus is a rather weak field. My guess is that Satoko Miyahara JPN , the Lake Placid JGP winner wins here too, with some serious competition from Uliana Tijushina RUS. Leah Keiser of the USA has been skating well recently, and may finish third. If So Youn Park KOR can skate as strong a long program as her short program in Lake Placid, she can medal. Other strong competitors here are Kristina Zaseeva RUS and Nina Jiang USA.

    Gerli Liinamäe EST
    SP Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens
    LP Palladio performed by Escala
    Gerli, who is 17, is coached by Tiiu Valgemäe. Her choreographer is Olga Volozhinskaia. She is the Senior Estonian Ladies' champion. She finished fourteenth at last year's Junior Worlds. She finished fourth at both her JGP assignments last year.
    Her personal best score, achieved at the 2011 JGP Tallinn Cup, is 140.30.
    Her SP from JGP Tallinn

    Sila Saygi TUR
    SP Baghdad by Jesse Cook
    LP Valse Sentimentale by P. I. Tchaikovski
    Sila's coach & choreographer is Kutay Eryoldas. She is 16, and won the Junior Ladies Championship of Turkey in 2010/2011. She competed at Junior Worlds, but did not advance past the preliminary round. Her best ever total score was 118.94. She finished sixth at the Bavarian Openof 2012.
    Her LP from the 2011 Istanbul Cup

    Satoko Miyahara JPN
    SP Voice of Spring Waltz (Frühlingsstimmen Walzer) by J. Strauss jr.
    LP Romeo and Juliet; Adagio
    Her coaches are Coach: Mie Hamada, Yamoto Tamura, & Yoko Niino. Her choreographers are Tom Dickson & Kenji Miyamoto. She is 14.
    Her best ever total score was 162.20 at JGP Baltic last year.
    She is the current Japanese junior Champion, and she placed 4th at Junior Worlds last year.
    She also won the Junior Ladies competition at the Asian FS Trophy in Taipei earlier this summer, and just won JGP Lake Placid with a score of 161.65.
    Her winning SP and LP from JGP Lake Placid.

    Miyabi Oba JPN
    SP Tempest by Gaetano Pugnami, Fritz Kreisler
    LP The Firebird by Igor Stravinski
    Miyabi is 16. Her coach is Yuko Monna. Her choreographer is Kenji Miyamoto. She is 17.
    Her best ever score, achieved at the 2011 World Junior Championships, is 148.62. She placed fifth at the Japanese Junior Championships.
    Her LP from 2011 Chubu Regionals
    A Japanese 3 minutes news program about her

    Yasmine Kimiko Yamado SUI
    SP Butterfly Lovers by Gang Chen, Zhan-Hao He
    LP Peer Gynt Suite No 1, Op 46 Moorning Mood by Edvard Grieg
    Her coach and choreographer is Bettina Ariza-Hügin. Yasmine is 15. She finished second at the Bavarian Open this year. This is her JGP debut.
    Her LP from NRW Trophy, where she scored 119.22 overall

    Leah Keiser USA
    SP Intro and Rondo Capriccioso by Camille St.-Saens
    LP Seasons by Alexander Glazunov
    Her coaches are John Nicks & Christa Fassi. Her choreographer is Lori Nichol. She is 15.
    She finished twelfth in Seniors at the US Championships last season. She also won the International Challenge Cup at the Hague in Seniors last season. This is her first JGP appearance.
    Her LP from last year's Pacific Coast competition

    Anna Afonkina BUL
    Anna has never updated her ISU biography. The entrylist leads to a stub entry from a girl of that same name who competed for Russia some years ago.
    It's not clear that it is the same person, but perhaps this is the same Anna Afonkina who used to skate for Russia, who competed on the Russian Cup series in 2011. Her best results was on the fourth leg in 2011, where she finished tenth and scored 130.44.
    Here is a video of Anna from her 2012 National Champioships where she finished first.

    Brooklee Han AUS
    SP Prayer for Taylor by Michael Smith; Titanic Symphony by Richard Clayderman
    LP Ave Maria by Caccini
    Her coach and choreographer is Coach: Serhii Vaypan.
    Her best ever total score was achieved recently at JGP Lake Placid, where she finished eighth and scored 128.92.
    She placed 30th in World Juniors last year.
    She also competes in Dressage and Eventing Equestrian competitions.
    An interview with Brooklee by the aussieskates blog:
    Her LP from Lake Placid

    Melisa Sema Atik TUR
    SP Winter from Four Seasons by A. Vivaldi
    LP The Mask of Zorro (soundtrack) by James Horner
    Melisa is still 15. Her coach & choreographer is Zeynep Aydin.
    Her best ever score happened at JGP Brasov last season, where she scored 93.94. She finished second in juniors at the 2011 Turkish championships. She finished twentieth at The International Challenge at the Hague last spring.
    Her free skate from that competition

    Hwi Choi KOR
    SP The Road
    LP Lord of the Dance
    Hwi is only 14. Her coach is Kyu Hyun Lee. She finished second in juniors at the Asian Figure Skating Trophy this summer.
    Hwi finished eighth at JGP Courchevel recently, where she received her best ever score of 116.42.
    Her SP from Courchevel

    Rebecka Emanuelsson SWE
    SP Two Guitars; Dark Eyes
    LP Cinema Paradiso (soundtrack) by Ennio Morricone
    She is still 17. Her coaches are Christina Halmi & Tanja Magnusson. Her choreographer: is Katja Magnusson. She is the Swedish silver medallist in juniors. She finished third at the Nordics, and twenty-first at JGP Courchevel. Her highest score is from 2008, and is 119.89.
    Her LP from Nordics

    Isabella Larkin GBR
    SP The Meadow by Alexandre Desplat
    LP Tango de los Exilados by Walter Taieb and Vanessa Mae
    Her coach is Lesley Pearce and her choreographer is Rostislav Sinicyn. She is still 15.
    She is the British silver medallist in juniors and recently finished tenth at the Bavarian Open.
    I do not have a video of her.

    Alina Fjodorova LAT
    SP Inception (soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer
    LP Requiem for a Dream by Clint Mansell
    Alina is 17. Her coaches are Evgeni Rukavitsin and Andrejs Brovenko. Her choreographers are Maxim Trankov & Dmitrijs Gaitjukevics. Her personal best score is 133.48, achieved at last season's European championships, where she finished. sixteenth. She finished twenty first last year at World Juniors.
    Her SP from Cup of Nice

    Uliana Titushkina RUS
    SP Teheran 43 (soundtrack) by Michel Legrand
    LP Kyuushutsu (soundtrack) by Naoki Sato
    Her coach is Alina Pisarenko, and her choreographer is Irina Sushenko. Her best ever score was 143.92, which she earned at JGP Courchevel, where she won the bronze medal, She is just 13.
    Her SP from Courchevel
    Her LP from Courchevel

    Oliya Clarkson GRN
    Her program info is listed as from this season, but is actually from the 2011/2012 season.
    SP Bird (information from 2011/12 season)
    LP Don't Worry Be Happy; Sunrise Sunset; Moscow Night (all information from 2011/12 season)
    Oliya skated at 2012 Junior Worlds, and is the first skater to represent Grenada at an ISU championship. She is the national senior champion of Grenada. She is 15. Her coaches are Nikolai Morosov, R. Serov & M. Voitsekhovskaia. Morosov is also her choreographer.
    A montage of her skating from 2010, from Ice Theater of New York.

    Ecem Ertenli TUR
    SP Quantum of Solace (soundtrack)
    LP The Tourist (soundtrack)
    Her coaches are Zeynep Aydin & Kutay Eryoldas. Her choreographer is Zeynep Aydin. She is 16.
    This is her JGP debut. She recently finished in twenty first place in juniors at the Bavarian Open.
    A video of her skating from March

    Pina Umek SLO
    SP Reflection of Passion by Yanni
    LP Main Theme from Howl's Moving Castle (soundtrack)
    Her coaches are Anja Bratec, Tamara Dorofejev, and Jan Cejvan. Her choreographer is Jeranjak Ipakjan. Her best ever score was 76.00, achieved last season at JGP Austria. She finished fourteenth at the Triglav Trophy this spring.
    Her SP from JGP Austria 2011

    So Youn Park KOR
    SP Pantoum for Piano
    LP West Side Story (musical) by L. Bernstein
    Her coach & choreographer is Hyun Jung Chi.
    Her personal best was 144.71 at JGP Trofeo W. Lombardi 2011
    She won the Asian FS Trophy 2012 Taipei in seniors earlier this month, and she placed 4th in juniors the Youth Olympic Games earlier this year. She recently competed at JGP Lake Placid, where she finished sixth.
    She was particularly good in the Short Program, in which she placed second.
    Here is her Lake Placid SP

    Anne Line Gjersem NOR
    SP Hey Pachuco (from "The Mask" soundtrack)
    LP Danse Macabre by Camille St.-Saens
    Anne Line is 18. Her coaches are Ela Magnusson & Laco Vince. Her choreographer is Salome Brunner.
    Her best ever score was 108.63, achieved on the JGP in 2008. She is the current Norwegian bronze medallist in Seniors. She finished seventh this spring at the Gardena Spring trophy. Her twin sister is also competing on the JGP circuit this year.
    Her free skate from the 2012 International Challenge Cup in The Hague.

    Elizaveta Ukolova CZE
    SP A Comme Amour by Paul de Senneville, performed by Richard Clayderman
    LP Swing Kids (soundtrack) by James Horner; Autumn Leaves by Kosma
    Her coach is Barbora Koskova and her choreographer is Igor Tchiniaev. She is 14.
    Her best ever score of 110.97 was earned at last year's World Junior Championships, where she finished in twenty second place. She is the Czech junior champion.
    Her SP from the 2011 NRW Trophy

    Lenaelle Gilleron-Gorry FRA
    Lenaelle is 17. Her coaches are Didier and Claudine Lucine, S. Golaz and A. Berthet. Her choreographer is Merovee Ephrem. Her ISU biography has not been updated, so I do not have a listing of what music she is using. Her best ever score is 120.78, scored at 2010 JGP Courchevel. Lenaelle finished third in Seniors at the last French championships. She finished third at the Triglav Trophy this spring.
    Her SP at Junior Worlds last year, where she finished twenty seventh overall.

    Aislin Rosado MEX
    Aislin is 17. She has never updated her ISU biography. Her best ever score was 73.00 at 2011 JGP Trofeo W. Lombardi in 2011, where she finished twenty ninth.
    Her SP there

    Netta Schrieber ISR
    SP Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Camille Saint-Saens
    LP Carmen by George Bizet
    Her coach is Coach Gilberto Viadana, and her Choreographer is Michela Boschetto. She is 14.
    Lake Placid JGP was her international debut. She scored 101.33, which is her only ISU score, and therefore her personal best, and finished fourteenth.

    Kristina Zaseeva RUS
    SP Die Fledermaus (The Bat) by Johann Strauss
    LP The Umbrellas of Cherbourg by Michel Legrand
    Her coach is Elena Vodorezova. Her choreographers are Tatiana Tarasova & Irina Tagaeva. She is still 15. Her best score was 120.29, earned at last year's Baltic Cup, where she was seventh. She recently finished second at Triglav Trophy.
    She competed at the Russian Junior Championships last season, where she finished eighth and scored 148.73. She had had problems in the long program, but was fifth in the Short program.
    Her free skate from last year's Baltic Cup.

    Zelyke Kenez Rou
    SP Compilation of Music
    LP Cabaret (soundtrack)
    She is just 13. Her coach is Maria Bogyo Loffler. Her choreographers are Kinga Farks & Natalia Popova. This is her JGP debut. She is just up from novices.
    Her winning program in novices at Crystal Skate 2011

    Beata Papp FIN
    SP Slaughter on 10th Avenue by Richard Rodgers
    LP La Cumparsita by Gerardo Hernan Matos Rodriguez
    Her coach is Brian Orser and her choreographers are Mark Pillau for the SP, and Maikki Uotila Kraatz for her LP.
    Her best ever score was 120.27 at JGP Austria last year. She placed third in Senior Ladies at the Finnish National Championships. She also placed fourth in Seniors at The Nordics.. The Papp family now all lives in Canada, to facilitate the children's training. She recently competed at JGP Lake Placid, where she finished eleventh.
    Her SP from Lake Placid

    Anita Madsen DEN
    SP Totentanz by Maksim Mrvica
    LP Poeta by Vicente Amigo
    Anita is 17. Her coaches are Kalle Strid and Martin Johannson. Her choreographers are Susanne Seger and Kalle Strid. Her best ever score was 115.55 at JGP Trofeo W. Lombardi in 2011. She is the Danish silver medallist, and finished twenty sixth last year at World Juniors.
    She recently competed at JGP Courchevel, where she finished eleventh.
    Her SP from Courchevel

    Nina Jiang USA
    SP Assassin's Tango (from Mr. and Mrs. Smith soundtrack) by John Powell; Volver by Maxime Rodriguez
    LP Memoirs of a Geisha (soundtrack) by John Williams; Jet Li's Fearless (soundtrack) by Shigeru Umebayashi; Medley of Wadaiko Matsuriza. She is 15.
    Nina's coach and choreographer is Shanyn Vallon. Her best ever ISU score was 131.08, scored at JGP Courchevel 2010, where she finished fifth. She finished eleventh at US Seniors Championships last year.
    Her free skate from Skate Detroit last month

    Darin Khussein UKR
    SP Frida soundtrack by Elliot Goldenthal
    LP Tosvits Tsov by Ara Gevorkian.
    Darrin's coach is Marina Amirkhanova. Her choreographers are Irina Chubarets and Maria Tumanovskaia. She is 15. She recently finished fourth in juniors at Ice Star 2012 in Minski.
    Her LP from NRW Trophy

    Kristina Zakharanka BLR
    SP Russian Dance (from "Swan Lake") by Petr I. Tchaikovski
    LP Don Quixote by Leon Minkus
    Kristina is 15. Her coach is Alexander Morozov. She is the Senior Champion of Belarus. She recently finished third at Ice Star of Minski. Her best ever personal score is 87.90.


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