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Thread: When did you become a skating fan?

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    When did you become a skating fan?

    (Mods, please move this to the Polls forum if appropriate. I'm afraid I don't know any way to ask several questions anonymously)

    Just out of curiosity, I'd like to get a sense of trends in when, where, and how Golden Skate posters became skating fans. Please answer as many of the questions as appropriate

    1. Approximately what year did you first become aware that there is a sport called figure skating?

    2. Approximately what year did you become a fan of the sport?

    3. Have you ever taken skating lessons?

    3a. If so, did you start lessons before or after identifying yourself as a fan?

    4. Would you consider your current level of fandom
    a. casual (I'll watch on TV or online if it's convenient, occasionally attend a live event near my home)
    b. interested (I'll seek out opportunities to watch on video, and live if costs, location, and schedule allow)
    c. serious (I will go out of my way and spend money specifically to obtain access to videos or travel to shows or competitions, and I will do outside reading to learn about the current competition rules)
    d. obsessed (a considerable portion of my waking life is spent skating, watching skating, and/or reading/talking/writing about skating, at Golden Skate and elsewhere)

    5. Would you consider your current level of interest higher or lower than your answer to question 2?

    6. Was there a point or period in between question 2 and now when your interest was at an all-time high? When?

    7. Which of the following is your favorite format to watch skating?
    a. shows that feature costumes, plots or themes, and group numbers
    b. shows that feature current and former elite medal winners
    c. professional and pro-am/"open" competitions featuring current and/or former elite medal winners with more emphasis on artistry/entertainment and less on technical difficulty
    d. elite competition (Olympics, Worlds, Grand Prix, nationals of countries with deep competitive fields)
    e. all international competitions and, in countries with deep fields, qualifying and nonqualifying competitions featuring skaters with national and international aspirations
    f. all levels of amateur/eligible competition from local club events to Olympics/Worlds
    g. primarily local competitions and shows -- I'd rather watch kids I know than elite level strangers

    8. What country do you live in? Please indicate if you have moved between the time of questions 1-2 and now
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