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Thread: State of American Ladies: 2012-13 Season

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski View Post
    USFS has no power at all to give a GP second event to anyone, except at Skate America. The only events to which they can Assign skaters are Senior B's & such, Skate America (3 slots), 4CCs & Worlds. And they can negotiate with other federations to get them to take one of our skaters for their host pick. But they can't force them to take any skater.

    Now let's look at Mirai's situation. She finished 7th at US Nationals, and was assigned 1st alternate to Worlds last year. She didn't make the GPF. She did get a medal at CoC (silver) last year.

    Mirai was one of three US Ladies along with Ashley and Alissa to win a senior Intl ISU event last season. Mirai won Nebelhorn, and also silver at CoC.
    The season before she medaled at 4CC and Natls - also at a GP....was it TEB?

    How is Mirai "lucky" to have skaters with less success at senior ISU events be given two GP assignments to her one?

    Whatever you think - your argument of "favortism" for Mirai feels very weak to me.

    You mentioned Rachael - has she ever won a senior ISU event? Has she medaled at 4CC in the last two seasons? Have her Intl scores been higher than Mirai? Have Christina or Agnes been more successful at senior ISU events for that matter?

    Your logic might find them superior to Mirai - mine, looking at the records and Intl results sees it a bit differently.

    I could see your point if Mirai was 24....but she is just 19. How old is Christina? Same age? Agnes is 18 and Gracie is 17......Mirai finished 4th at the Olympics and won the Worlds SP when she was 16.

    BTW, Brightphoton's post #105 sort of debunks several of your points.....rules are rules - and then there is the reality of what happens when US Skating picks their favorites.
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