Getting the 3rd spot back is great, but I have to wonder if it will be able to be maintained. Oh well, at least one more US lady gets to experience the Olympics and that's a big deal.

Yes, the stakes were high this season and Wagner had a lot she was dealing with in the mean that this season is behind her, she can simply focus on making the Oly team, which will now be easier since 3rd place (most likely) now makes it as well...and then hopefully go all out and show the world who she is. Still, 2014 Worlds could be her time to shine - I think a lot of top skaters will be skipping it (probably not Asada though since it's in Japan).

For some reason, I think Wagner's reign as the top US lady is going to come to an end very soon. But perhaps that's where she wants to be - less pressure that way. She skates best coming from behind/when she's in underdog position.