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    JGP Sencila-Bled 2012 Ladies Preview

    The ladies field here in Slovenia is relatively thin. Courtney Hicks may well win here. Her strongest competition should come from Anna Shershak. I would predict Anna to win, except that her program at the recent Russian test skate looked somewhat untrained, and no doubt will look better later in the season. While Evgenia Geraisimova only finished in fifth at Lake Placid, she may do better here, and not just because the field is a bit weaker. Evgenia has had a slow start to her season the last two years. An unknown who might challenge for the bronze is Barbie Long. Barbie gave some strong performances in summer competitions, even beating Polina Edmunds at the Broadmoor Open. She is not always consistent, but I'll be interested to see how she does here. Two other ladies of note here are Hae Jin Kim of KOR, who skated much more strongly at Korean Nationals than she did at her JGP outing in Austria. Another promising youngster is Hinano Isobe JPN, who has done very well in Japanese competitions this last season.

    Courtney Hicks USA
    SP Korobushka by Bond
    LP Aranjuez by Ikuko Kawai
    Her coach is Scott Wendland, and her choreographer is Philip Mills. She is 16 years old.. She was the US champion in Juniors in 2011, and was 6th at Junior Worlds in that year. However, she was fighting injuries during the 2010-2011 season.
    Here is her LP from the Glacier Falls summer competition this year, where she finished 3rd overall behind Mirai Nagasu and Vanessa Lam, with a score of 143.20. .
    She recently competed at Lake Placid JGP, where she finished second with a score of 153.77
    Here is her LP from that competition:

    Anna Shershak RUS
    Her ISU biography has not yet been updated. She skated to her old LP at the Russian test skate. If she uses it here, it is Don Quixote by Minkus.
    Her coach is Viktoria Butsaeva, and her choreographer is Galilna Ishenko. She is 14 years old.
    Anna finished second at the W. Lombardi Trofeo JGP last year with her personal best score of 150.21. She was fifth at Russian Junior Nationals in 2012.
    Her LP at last week's Russian Test Skate. She looks somewhat untrained here, but does a really cool variation of a camel spin.

    Evgenia Gerasimova RUS
    SP The Barber of Seville by G. Rossini
    LP Symphony No. 5 by Ludwig van Beethoven
    Evgenis is 14. She is part of the Mishin school, and her coach there is Alina Pisarenko. She has been competing on the national level since the 2007-2008 season.
    Her planned program has six triples, including a 3T3T combination.
    She earned a score of 169.59 at the 2011 Cup of Russia III., finishing in 3rd behind Shelepen and Sotnikova in Senior Ladies
    Her LP from Russian Nationals, where she finished 12th overall in Senior Ladies. with a score of 152.52.
    Her LP from Lake Placid JGP, where she finished fourth with a score of 145.68

    RusYunNat 2012 FS
    SP March 2012
    FS Sept 2009

    She has started the season slow in the past two years, and may surprise here.

    Hae Jin Kim KOR
    SP La Boheme
    LP Sleeping Beauty by P. Tchaikovsky
    Her coach is Hea Sook Shin. She is 15.
    Her personal best of 149.71 was earned at last year's World Junior Championships, where she placed eighth. She won the bronze medal at JGP Brasov last season.
    She won Korean Nationals in the Senior division. Her score was 167.73. She has won the Korean Senior Ladies event three seasons running. So Youn Park placed second there last year with 144.59. She won the Asian Trophy in Juniors last summer, but did compete in it this summer. She competed at JGP Austria.
    Here is her winning free skate from Korean Nationals
    Here is her long program from JGP Austria, where she finished fifth with a score of 141.29.

    Barbie Long USA
    SP Pink Panther Theme by Henry Mancini
    LP West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein
    Barbie's coach is Susan Liss, and her choreographers are Tanith Belbin & Susan Liss. She has just turned 16.
    Barbie won the Gardena Trophy last spring, and was the fourth place finisher at US Nationals in Juniors. The previous season, she was second in US novices. This event is her JGP debut.
    Barbie won the short program at the Liberty Summer competition with a program featuring a triple lutz triple toe combination. She did not compete in the Free Skate there. She also won the SP at the Broadmoor Open over Polina Edmunds, with a score of 57.78. She skated her LP twice in that competition. The first time, she skated a seven triple program for over 101 points, but had more problems in the final,.
    Here is a tiny clip of Barbie at a recent ice show
    And her SP from the Val Gardena Trophy, where she scored 133.25 total score, to win the Junior event.
    Her LP from Val Gardena

    Hinano Isobe JPN
    SP Epilogue (from "Shaolin" soundtrack) by Nicolas Errera
    LP Golliwog's Cakewalk by Claude Debussy
    Her coaches are Mie Hamada, Yamato Tamura, & Yoko Niino. Herchoreographer is Tom Dickson. She is 15. She placed seventh last season in Juniors at the Japanese National Championships. In 2011, Her score at Japanese sectionals was 147.26.
    She placed third at the Asian Figure Skating Trophy.
    This event is her debut to JGP competition.

    Miu Sato JPN
    SP Silent Jealousy
    LP Cinderella
    Machiko Yamada & Mihoko Higuchi are both her coaches and her choro. Miu is 15.
    Mio was fifth at Japanese Seniors Nationals last season with a score of
    Her Long Program from Junior Worlds, where she placed twelfth. Her best score of 141.52 was earned at JGP Austria 2011.

    Chantelle Kerry AUS
    SP The Balcony by Marcelo Zarvos Music Free Skating / Free Dance as of
    LP Alice Returns ;Blood of the Jabberwocky; Proposal ; Alice Returns (fall rom Alice in Wonderland soundtrack) by Danny Elfman
    Her coaches are Monica MacDonald & Kylie Fennel. Her Choreographer isMonica MacDonald.
    She is 16, and the current Australian Junior Ladies Champion.
    Best personal score in the Youth Olympic Games, where she placed tenth, 108.99
    She competed at last year's Four Continents, and finished seventeenth there. She also represented Australia at Senior Worlds, but did not make it past the Preliminary round.
    Her SP from JGP Tallinn 2011

    Sabrina Schulz AUT
    SP Far Away by Apocalyptica Music
    LP Feeling Good peformed by Escala
    Sabrina's coach is Iva Zvachtova. Her choreographers are Veronika Moravkova, Gabriela Hraska.
    Sabrina finished second in the Dragon Trophy 2012 in Ljubljana. She is the reigning Austrian Junior Champion. Last year, she competed at Junior Worlds, and finished twenty-fourth. She scored her personal best there, 104.53.
    Her SP from JGP Brasov last season:

    Eline Anthonissen BEL
    SP Xotica by Rene Duperee
    LP Adagio by Tomasino Albinoni
    Eline is coached by Kevin van der Perren, and her choreographer is his wife, Jenna McCorkell. She is 16, and is currently the Junior Champion of Belgium. She competed at World Juniors last year, but did not make it out of the preliminary round, which is why no personal best score is recorded for her. This is her first JGP appearance. She had a successful spring season, finishing fourth in Juniors at Coupe de Luxembourg and third in Juniors at Skate Helena 2012 in Belgrande.
    I could not find any videos of Eline skating.

    Arijana Tirak BIHThere is no information listed on her ISU biography about her programs.
    Although Arijana lists Claudia Achl as her choreographer, she does not list a coach, but only former coaches. She is 16, and her hometown is Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzgovina.
    She finished fourteenth at Dragun Trophy this spring. Her best total score is 45.49 from 2010 Czech Skate JGP.
    Here is her LP from the Volvo Cup JGP 2011

    Xiaowen Guo CHN
    SP Howl's Moving Castle (soundtrack)
    LP Grenada
    Xiaowen is 15, and this is her first appearance on the JGP series.
    Her SP from the 2012 Chinese National Winter Games, where she finished seventh with a total score of 121.56.

    Lena Wu TPE
    Lena finished third in the Taipei Junior National Championships with a score of 63.90.
    A video, taken by her twin sister Levana, who also skaters, of Lena competing in Juniors:
    This appears to have been taken at the Troy Summer Skate in 2011 where she scored as follows:
    Junior SP (IJS) 23.59
    Junior LP (IJS) 49.16

    Ema Lipovscak CRO
    She has not added her programs to her ISU biography as yet.
    Her coaches are Irakli Japaridze & Gurgen Vardanjan. Her choreographers are Diana Kunova & Bojana Lipovscak.
    She is 17. She placed fourth in seniors at her National championship, and competed at World Juniors, but did not make it out of the qualifying round.
    Her best ever score was Personal Best Total Score 76.21, at 2009 JGP Cup of Croatia. She finished sixth at the Dragun Trophy in Ljubljana earlier this year.
    Her SP from JGP Baltic last year:

    Eike Langerbaur EST
    SP Dark Woods Circus
    LP Corpse Bride (soundtrack)
    Eike is coached by Anna Levandi (nee Kondrashova, the former Soviet ice skating star.). Her choreographer: isVeronika Vaillimäe. She is 14. She placed second in Juniors at her National Championships.
    She makes her first JGP appearance at this event.
    I believe this video might be Eike performing in the Tartu Trophy in Estonia last year
    This is definitely her at age 10.

    Jennifer Parker GER
    SP Concert Fantasy on Mozart's Magic Flute, Op. 54 by Pablo de Sarasate
    LP La Sylphide by Herman Severin Lovenskiold
    Jennifer's coaches are Shin Amano & Ellen Burka. Her choreographer is Lori Nichol. She is 16 and trains in Toronto, CAN. She placed ninth at her Senior championships last season.
    She recently placed second at the Bavarian Open. This is her JGP debut.
    Her SP at NRW Trophy, where she finished 10th in the SP, 3rd in the LP, and fourth overall with a total of 118.67 points.

    Natasha McKay GBR
    SP Sleeping Beauty by Petr I. Tchaikovski
    LP Selection of Music by Lady Gaga
    Natasha is coached by Debi and Simon Briggs. Her choreographer is Debi Briggs. She is 17.
    She placed fourth in Juniors at her National Championships. She placed fifteenth at Cup of Nice in 2011. This is her first appearance on the JGP.
    An interview with Natasha prior to competing in the European Youth Olympics:

    Yong Yen Tiffany Lau HKG
    SP Samba & Seniorita, both performed by Bond
    LP My Drag by Squirrel Nut Zippers; Bound to You; Hip Hip Chin Chin performed by Club des Belugas
    She is 15, and is coached by Craig Heath. She finished third at the 2012 Hong Kong championships in juniors with a score of 92.01.
    I could not find any videos of her skating.

    Ivett Toth HUN
    SP Mohabbatein (soundtrack) by Jatin Latit
    LP Barcelona by John Tesh
    Ivett is coached by : Istvan Simon. Her choreographer:s areJudit Puskas, Mickey G. Istvan, & Somi Panni. She will not turn 14 until December, and this is her first JGP appearance.
    Ivett competed in Advanced Novices at the most recent Hungarian Nationals. Here is her free skate program:

    Victoria Manni ITA
    SP Por una cabeza (from "Secnt of a Woman") soundtrack
    LP Carmen Suite by Georges Bizet
    Victoria's coaches are Franca Bianconi, & Karel Fajfr. Her choreographers are Vakhtang Murvanidze, Valter Rizzo,& Nicoletta Lunghi. She is 18.
    She placed eleventh in seniors at the most recent Figure Skating Championship of Italy. She used to compete with Andrea Fabbri in ice dance, but now competes only in singles..
    Her best ever international total score, 96.54, occurred last season at W. Lombardi Trofeo JGP.
    She recently placed sixth in juniors at Ice Star Minsk.
    Her SP from last year's W. Lombardi Trofeo

    Raisa Rjenovschi ROU
    Her program information has not been updated on her ISU biography. She is 17.
    Her coach is Maria Balea, & her choreographer is Sorina Mladin.
    Her SP from JGP Brasov last year, where she received her best ever total score of 64.90, and finished twenty-seventh.. She competed at World Juniors, but did not make it out of the preliminary round.

    Sandra Ristivojevic SRB
    SP Tango Carmen
    LP Michael Meets Mozart by the Piano Guys
    She is coached by Liudmila Zakhorova. Sandra is 16. Her best ever score was from Volvo Cup JGP 2011, where she earned 85.48 total points and finished twenty-second. She is the current senior champion of Serbia. Earlier this season, she finished seventh at Skate Helena in Belgrade.
    Her SP from JGP Brasov

    Nicole Rajicova SVK
    SP Malaguena by Ernesto Lecuona
    LP Liebestraum by Franz Liszt
    Nicole is coached by Steve Rice, Peter Johansson, & Igor Krokavec. Her choreographers are: Nikolai Morozov & Mark Mitchell. She trains in the US. She is 17.
    Nicole placed second in Senior Ladies at her national championships.
    Her SP from Lake Placid last month, where she received her best ever total score of 109.04, and finished thirteenth.

    Naja Ferkov SLO
    She finished twelfth at Triglav Trophy this year with a score of 84.05.
    Her free skate from the 2012 Sportország Trophy
    She won the Slovenian Novice championship in 2010.

    Patricia Juren SLO
    At this time, Patricia has no ISU biography.
    She finished seventeenth at Triglav Trophy 2012 in juniors with a score of 76.77
    She also competed at the Santa Claus cup in advanced novices in 2010
    Her is a video of her skating at Santa Claus Cup

    Julianne Seguin CAN
    SP Fever; Sing, Sing, Sing
    LP Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin
    Julianne is coached by Josee Picard & Marc Andre Craig. Her choreographer is Marc Godin. She is 15 years old.
    She placed 3rd in juniors last year at Canadian nationals.
    She made her international debut at JGP Courchevel this year, where she placed seventh with a score of 122.17, now her personal best.
    Her free skate from Courchevel

    Laurine Lecavelier FRA
    SP Sing, Sing, Sing by Benny Goodman
    LP A Chorus Line
    Laurine is coached by Katia Lemaire. Her choreographers are Sandra Garde & Line Haddad. Her personal best score is 119.78, received last year at JGP Tallinn. She placed 6th in Seniors at the last year's French Nationals, and she won both the Triglav Trophy last year, and the Bavarian Open earlier this year.
    She competed at JGP Courchevel, where she finished twelfth, with a score of 113.66.
    Her long program from Courchvel

    Alina Fjodorova LAT
    SP Inception (soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer
    LP Requiem for a Dream by Clint Mansell
    Alina is 17. Her coaches are Evgeni Rukavitsin and Andrejs Brovenko. Her choreographers are Maxim Trankov & Dmitrijs Gaitjukevics. Her personal best score is 133.48, achieved at last season's European championships, where she finished. sixteenth. She is the Latvian Senior Ladies Champion. She finished twenty-first last year at World Juniors.
    She competed at JGP Bosphorus, where she finished nineteenth, with a score of 96.38.
    Here is her SP from that competition.

    Aleksandra Golovkina LTU
    SP Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy
    LP Memoirs of a Geisha (soundtrack) by John Williams
    Her coaches are Coach: Dmitrij Kozlov & Marina Selitskaia. Her choreographers are Dmitrij Kozlov (SP), & Elena Maslennikova (FS). She is the Lithuanian national champion in Seniors.
    She made her JGP debut at JGP Courchevel this year, where she finished
    She also finished second in juniors at Ice Star Minsk recently.
    Her LP from Courchevel, where she finished eighteenth with a score of 92.93, which is now her personal best:

    Alisson Krystle Perticheto PHI
    SP OK Tokyo by Rodrigo Y. Gabriela
    LP Prince of Egypt (soundtrack)
    Her Coach: is Peter Grütter, her Choreographer is Merovee Ephrem . She trains in Geneva, Switzerland, and in Oberstdorf, Germany.
    This is her debut in JGP competition.
    Alisson is the current Philippines junior champion.
    She performed at the Gala of the 2011 European Championships!
    Here she is at the Phillipines National Championship last fall

    Patricia Gleščič SLO
    Her ISU bio has not yet been updated this year.
    Coach: Gordana Smrekar Choreographer: Tina Svajger
    She is 18 years old.
    She was the 2011 Slovenian champion.
    Last season she was fifth at the Merano Cup.
    She achieved her personal best of 125.46 at the 2010 Cup of Austria.
    She finished twentieth World Junior Championships.
    She competed at JGP Austria where she placed fourteenth with a score of 104.67. Her SP from that competition

    Gabriella Josefsson SWE
    Gabriella Josefsson SWE
    SP Waltz No. 2
    LP Circus
    Her coaches are : Andrea Dohany & Askana Jolkin. Her choreographers are : Andrea Dohany & Tamara Kuchiki. Gabriella is 17.
    This year Gabriella advanced to the junior level and placed fourth in juniors in Norway . . For the second time, she represented Sweden in the Nordic Championships, where she placed tentth in juniors..
    She competed at JGP Austria 2012, where she finished eighteenth with a score of 97.76, which is her personal best, since it is her only ISU score at this point.
    Her free skate from JGP Austria 2012:.

    Melisa Sema Atik TUR
    SP Winter from Four Seasons by A. Vivaldi
    LP The Mask of Zorro (soundtrack) by James Horner
    Melisa is still 15. Her coach & choreographer is Zeynep Aydin.
    Her best ever score happened at JGP Brasov last season, where she scored 93.94. She finished second in juniors at the 2011 Turkish championships. She finished twentieth at The International Challenge at the Hague last spring.
    She competed at JGP Bosphorus this season. Here is her FD from that competition, where she finished twenty fourth with a score of 88.50:
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