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Kovtun did not skate his best at Russian Junior Nationals and wound up placing 3rd, behind Bush and Dmitriev, who were named to the JW team. There was talk that Kovtun really should have been sent instead of Dmitriev, who did not qualify for the JGPF and wound up placing 14th at JW, but Russia tends to stick to it's Junior National's results when determining JW spots, so Kovtun didn't get to go. Now that Bush and Dmitriev have both aged out of juniors, I'm sure Kovtun will be on the team this season. He was very good in the FS at last season's JGPF.

Anyways, regardless of if he's a "complete" skater or not, Chen's score from JGP Austria speaks for itself, it's the highest score of any junior man this season and is just a fraction of a point lower than what Han Yan won the JWC with last season, which was a world record score. Based on that, he is competition for Kovtun and likely to beat him if he can skate like he did in Austria. Keep in mind Chen managed that score with no quad and just 1 3a in his FS.

In any event, this field is super deep! I'd actually say Tanaka is a main contender for a medal because if he skates well he's really almost on par with Farris and Yan and could probably beat Jin based on PCS. When he's on, Tanaka is a very very strong skater, he just tends to be "off" a lot unfortunately. I just hope that Farris and Yan can both qualify for the JGPF! Josh has his one gold which should help him, so even if he is off this competition and falters, finishing say 4th, behind Yan, Jin, and Tanaka, he would likely still qualify. Yan is likely to finish 1st or 2nd at his next event and I don't see him off the podium here so he should be fine. I'm excited to see Jin again, his jumps are amazing!

Also, Tanaka's PB score was from JW in 2011, where he won silver, not 2012, where he was 7th. His FS at 2012 JW was really strong though and he was a close 5th in that segment.
Tanaka suffers from poor PCS like Hino
I'd take Jin if he skates clean like in Austria would improve better his scores

I'd say this JGPF will be comparable with the Senior GPF
Its very deep field with anyone of the possible finalists capable of medaling