Following on from today's performance at the Nebelhorn Trophy in which she fell on her 3Z (which was mean't to be part of a 3Zx3T combination) and singled out on a 3F, is it the case that Adelina Sotnikova simply cannot cope with the pressure of senior competition? Since the beginning of last season, when she started competing in senior competitions, she has made mistakes in practically every competition she has competed in (making mistakes on elements that she can normally perform extremely well). However, she had problems with injury last season which may have dented her confidence, and she is still only 16. Nevertheless, others that age have been able to cope with the pressure and even thrive on it. Baiul, Lipinski, and Hughes all won Olympic titles at that age, and Tuktamysheva won both of her first two senior Grand Prix events last season.

Carolina Kostner had difficulty coping with pressure during the early part of her career, but ultimately learned how to overcome the problem. However, it took her a very long time. Hence, if the problem with Sotnikova is a temperament one, can she ultimately overcome it?