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Thread: French Masters 4 - 6 Octobre

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    LP for Joubert and Amodio:
    FD Pechalat and Bourzat:

    Passion Patinage report on men's LP:

    Question - what is Zahradnicek's connection to France? Is he competing for them now?

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    Thanks to heyhey, here's P&B's FD

    and from the same youtube channel, Carron & Jones FD

    Alas, no SD's yet.
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    There was only a broadcast for part of day 2; unless someone taped Friday's performances from the stands, I think we won't get much more.

    I'd love to see J/C's LP, though, that is a fantastic score for them, and it's not like French national events are that overscored compared to some countries. I really hope they can continue on this positive track, and that we'll finally see some good results from the French pairs and ladies. It's been way too long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victura View Post
    I like Amodio. I don't like Brian Music, and his program is boring

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